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PCOS and hypoglycemia

So i went to a doc that specializes in hormones. He told me that I more than likely have PCOS (2nd doc to say so).
But, he said it was unusual b/c most PCOS'ers have Insulin resistance and I'm actually HYPOGLYCEMIC...my fasting blood sugar was 57. So what does this mean for me? does this mean that maybe all my weight issues are b/c of the hypothyroidism i have? (he upped my dose on Synthroid too).

Also, I'm trying to understand this LH and FSH thing. My LH was 36, and my FSH was like, 6.2 or something (i'll have to check for clarification but it was around six something). So he said this was definitely an indication of PCOS. What I don't understand is, if my LH is so high compared to my FSH, why am i NOT getting a positive OPK??????
And....does the low FSH mean that i'm not "stimulating" any follicles for production or does it mean that its just not as high as it should be?

I'd appreciate any help!!
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I am not that familiar with those test.

I had high testasterone and  I did a 2 hour GTT- fasting glucose test my doc said they don't look at the glucose they look at the insulin. If your insulin levels are still climbing at the 2 hour mark it means your pancrease is making too much insulin which later can cause you to have diabeties due to it burning out. my doc teats other docs about this disease. You might need to have more test run.

I wish you well
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i was just wondering if you have learned anything new with this. i also have PCOS and chronic Hypoglycemia that is not diabetes related. i was misdiagnosed with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). what are your weight issues...losing or gaining? i have been trying for over a year to gain weight. i am 5'1" and only weigh 90 lbs. this is all new to me. i have extreme highs and lows...more lows than anything. my normal blood sugar barely ever gets over 70, even though i eat about 8-10 times daily. the cysts come and go and are sometimes VERY painful....any advice for me? i have never heard of anyone having so many of the same symptoms as me. keep me updated. :)
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Oh I can relate to the hypoglycemia. I have gotten it as low as 25. I also have had gastric bypass and it made it worse. I had it before but now its harder to control. I am not sure why you are not getting a positive result on your ovulation predictor kit cause I always got a positive result. Remember that just cause you have PCO it doesn't mean you will have all the classic symptoms. You also have a harder time with predicting ovulation if you don't have regular cycles. Ovulation could be all over the place. Are you staying away from simple carbs and eating more complex carbs? keeping your blood sugar level is essential for weight control. Are you overweight at all? Just losing 10% of your excess weight will kick in ovulation! Trust me! I did and suddenly got pregnant after 7 years of trying.
Anyway, best of luck and keep praying!
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