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PCOS and thin?


I was recently diagnosed with PCOS.  I had an ultrasound that revealed cysts and I've had hurstism on my face. I also do not ovulate most months (I track this using the sympto-thermic method) I have also had irregular periods since I started them at 12.  My past doctors have always hesitated to diagnose me for two reasons. I am very thin and I my periods come too frequently.  My most recent doctor says I have PCOS for sure and that women can have a wide range of symptoms.  But I feel it is very strange that I am thin whereas most women with PCOS struggle with weight.  I also think it's strange that most women with PCOS never get their periods but I get mine all the time.  It's almost as if there's two different types of PCOS out there with different causes and one's just more common than the other...

But I am wondering if there's anyone else out there who has the two symptoms I have that are not common to PCOS.  That is, does anyone have PCOS and is thin?  Do you have PCOS and you get your periods like every two weeks?  If you are I want to know if you know anything I don't...
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I have PCOS and am thin. As to the frequency of my period. I have been on the pill from a very young age so they are very regular. I'm not sure what they would be like if I went off the pill
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You can be thin and have PCOS because it is not defined by your body mass. If you check out soulcysters.net you'll find other skinny "cysters".

And everyone's periods are different with PCOS. Mine took 6 weeks to arrive and then the bleeding would last 2 weeks!!! It was awful. I got on Metformin (I'm not insulin resistant but it has worked wonders for me) and I regulated to a 32-day cycle.

If you're getting your period every 2 weeks that is definitely not normal. Especially if you're trying to have a baby. Your cycles need to be at least 21 days in order for the proper chemical changes to take place for ovulation, and thus conception. Did your doctor prescribe Metformin?! It may regulate you!

PCOS is a very broad diagnosis that covers many different "symptoms" and unique body types. I am overweight but I don't have the diabetic issue with PCOS. And the only hormone problem I have is high testosterone (my other levels are normal). So you see- we are all very different but usually suffer the same consequences (strange periods, inability to conceive, etc.).
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hi! im new here.

yes, i have also PCOS and im thin. im taking metformin now and for the last 3 months i had yasmin to help regulate also my cycle.

my problem now is that i easily get hungry. my stomach always craves for food. is this really the effects of metformin?
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Hi! Oh good to know I'm not alone.  I always thought it was very strange because I keep reading everywhere that it has to do with insulin resistance and weight.  But I guess you don't have to be resistant to benefit from the insulin medication.  That is good to know.  Well I'm getting married in 8 weeks so I'm sure someday we'll be trying for a baby.  I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.... Thanks for the input!  I'm going to check out that other website...
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hi, i too have PCOS and iam thin. i never had regular period until i started metformin.
as for trying to conceive i am having a hard time, so i have to take fertility treatments.

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I too have PCOS. I am thin... well I dont have all the symptoms aside of irregular period sometimes I dont have period for 1 or 2 up to 3 months only then if my period came. It is normal measurement of blood. I have multiple tiny cycst based in my ultrasound. The doctor said I am ovulating but the follicles dont release the egg monthly. I dont know what is the difference my situation to the other people dealing with difficulties and pain. All I know is I wanna pregnant because I am already 7 months marriage still its always negative. I am curious How other people get pregnant while they are undergo treatment? Are you guys skip other days taking the pills? Please let me know. Sometimes I am scared and lose faith already *sigh*
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I have PCOS and I am thin.  I have the irregular periods, the cysts on the ovaries but I don't have hirsutism.
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