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PCOS or ?

I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2018, since then I lost a total of 90lbs and exercise regularly. Prior to this, my periods we completely out of whack. Since the weight lost, diet change, ect my periods have been regular 28 day cycles that last 3-4 days. The beginning of my last period was August 2nd, however I'm currently about 5-6 days late which is unusual. I've taken 3 tests which have all came back negative. Is this a PCOS flare up due to stress or a possible pregnancy?
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I think pregnancy tests are pretty accurate, so would guess that this is a hormonal blip.  Shifts in hormones can alter when we get our period as does changes in routine, weight gain or loss, stress, illness, etc.  If you were diagnosed with pcos, it would not be unusual to occasionally miss a period.  You can check in with your doctor though.  Hey, also . . . want to say great job on losing that weight and exercising!  That's no easy task.  So, that's absolutely fantastic!
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Thank you so much!! I did Weight Watchers and it helped tremendously! Thanks for the response.
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