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PLEASE HELP! Virgin, Missed period, 14 yearsold, cramps,

Hi I'm 14 years old and I recently missed my period for 4 days. I have been having period cramps(which would make me think I already have my period but then when i check, i dont. I recently checked my cervix and it's hard, low and open tho i acquired a little bit of a yellowish and stretchy discharge. I have not had sex (which means I'm a virgin) but I have a boyfriend and he fingered me twice (after my period last month and 3 days before my expected period this month) but last month after he fingered me I felt a burning sensation and I just decided to wash to remove the feeling. By 19-21 I had discharge which i assume is ovulation since the discharge was globby and is really stretchy. I had pms symptoms when i was ovulating like back pain, sore breasts, food cravings, etc. By 27 (my period is supposed to be due by 29) I had a little bit of cramps which would last for a minute. I checked my cervix and I found a brownish-pink discharge. I did the same on 28 and I saw a pinkish discharge with a tinge of blood. I was really expecting my period on 29 but instead, i got a yellowish discharge that is stretchy. I get shooting pains on my stomach and belly button. One time, during my ovulation, I had sore lymph node (armpits). My sore breasts are gone today (which is a day after my expected period) but i am feeling  bit bloated and i feel like I'm going to have my period but nothing comes out. I also feel the shooting pains from my lower abdomen to my belly button. could I be experiencing infection that would have delayed or caused me to miss my period or am I pregnant?
P.S. I am also stressing about this that i can barely sleep and do the things i need to do I am super worried that I might be pregnant
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Doesn't sound like you've done anything that would cause pregnancy, so no, that's not the likely cause.  While it's sometimes normal to be irregular when you're so young, I would go see a doctor because you are having the shooting pains and mentioning yellow discharge.
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i still dont have my period right now and it's worrying me so much. Are you sure I am not pregnant? I've never had sex before and I just got fingered and I've been worrying about this pregnancy thing for almost a month. the sore breasts are kind of back (it hurts when i poke the sides) I am still having cramping and there's sticky, stretchy and yellowish white discharge coming out instead of period. What's wrong?
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You've done nothing that would cause pregnancy.

I would really suggest making a doctors appointment as soon as possible.  Your discharge should not be yellow.  Do you still have the shooting pains you mentioned before?

Sore breasts and cramping is typically part of your menstrual cycle.
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it is may be due to pelvic inflametory disease due fingering. as the discharge is yellow insted of white leucorrhoea it is suggestive of infection. well what is the position now (i mean still waiting for periods or had?)
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I've had the same problem I'm a Virgin and I missed my period for a month and I don't know if that's healthy I've been so stressed over it and it scares me and I'm turning 14 in a month my period comes ever month but this month of June it hasn't and I'm kinda freaked over it and I haven't told my mom yet because she'll think badly of me and I don't think she's gone through it and I'm scared please help.?
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*****, first of all your technically not a virgin because your boyfriend fingered you. Second, the only other way you would get pregnant is if you got raped or actually did have sex.  
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