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Pcos and endometriosis????

Hi there,
I'm a 20 yr old female in Australia, just had a few questions about pros and endometriosis!
I was diagnosed with pcos about, 7 years ago and have had irregular and heavy periods nearly my whole life.
About a year and a half ago I started to get really really bad pains and they make me unable to work or do much of anything, with the pains came clots that were of a lot bigger size, I've been to the hospital emergency a few times through with time with the pain which the did internal ultrasounds and said I have just pcos, everything looks normal apart from that and that there's no huge cysts or anything they can see to be causing the pain. I keep getting dismissed for my worries and told everything is normal. I'm really concerned because of infertile and the repercussions theses conditions can have.
About a month Ago I have the biggest clot and was really scare! Went to the doctors and he said its fine nothing to worry about. Like a third of a pad in size.
I have a ultrasound done just in case and when she put it in I got really sharp stabbing pains. I haven't been sexually active for about 2 years so I'm not sure about pain during intercourse but I've never had that pain before with my ultrasounds for pcos.
Has this ever happened to anyone and can you have both conditions? I if anyone does how did you et the doctor to not just dismiss it for just pcos?
Thank you .
Ad anyone else going through similar things I hope things get better for you !
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