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Pcos for 5 years but never had this before

I always have late periods due to my PCOS, around every 2-5 months. I cant take the contreceptive pill as it doesn't agree with my body. The Dr has booked me in for another scan and will then prescribe me with different meds.

I waited nearly 4 months for a period, it lasted a week then a week later ive been spotting/some days full period for a week now. Ive never had this before, my stomoch is realy cramping and sore.

Any advice on what is happening?

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Since the beginning of my period at age 12, I discovered ab-normal changes in my body. The number one change was the length of my period. 4-5 days turned into a length of 7-10. I became tired during the day, I started getting horrible cramps, and my period flow was out of control. I went to the doctor, and was diagnosed with PCOS. Now at age 29, I've learned some important information I would like to share with all of you.

It is normal to feel tired, weak, bloated, and to have skipped months in between cycles. It's more common found in women who are heavier set, than those of average size. Every woman's experience is different, mine led to vomiting, change in mood swings, back pain, abdominal pain, gray hair found in the front of the hair line, all by the age of 28. My temper became more unstable as my periods became fewer and fewer. The longest I had gone without a period was 7 months, leading to a test for cervical cancer, and ovarian cysts.

What some women don't know, is that when you have PCOS, you're ovaries become enlarged with cysts, which is a commonality with the condition. Intercourse can result in some blood with female ejaculation. It's best not to have intercourse for at least 2 weeks, to allow for old blood to be released. Taking a shower doesn't clean out the vaginal area, you MUST take a luke warm bath. DO NOT use a douche formula, as it will change your pH balance.

If your blood is a shade dark brown, do not panic, this may just be old discarded blood, as you are not having a regular period. But, if your vagina feels itchy or it hurts to urinate, please check with your doctor, as you may have a urinary tract infection, in which you will need medical assistance.

It is very important to have a papsmear done when your doctor says to, not once a year, as your are not having a normal menstral cycle. I have been told in the past, that you should test for pregnancy with in the first 5 days of a missed period, and not to drink a lot of fluids before, as it can dilute the test, causing false test readings.

I've had a endometrial done, and it's where they take a sample from inside your cervix. It's some what unpleasant, as you will feel a lot of pressure on your cervix. What happens is a long thin tube is inserted into your vagina, resembling a turkey baster, taking a small amount of fluid.

In all, if you do have PCOS, taking a pill on a daily basis will make a world of difference to help with hormonal differences. For those who are trying for children, metformin is a wonderful drug, as I will be trying that next. Complications to metformin, for the first few weeks, you will feel nausea and might have runny stool. This is common, I wish all you the best with your tests, and upcoming new additions.

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