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Period concern

i have pcos i had a period over 2 weeks now went to the doctors she said its normal, she advised for me to take my metformin on a daily basic to control my hormones now is this normal?
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Oh, good Lord, yes! Haha :) So many people with PCOS have a hard time losing weight because the hormones that make you have PCOS literally can mess up your whole body. I have trouble with my liver (high enzymes) and intestines, as well as I used to  have trouble with triglycorides (heart enzymes) and insluine resistance. I've got everything under control right now with diet.

My diet is high in fruits, veggies, and fiber. It's low-fat, low-sugar, and low-carb. I also can't eat gluten, but thats a seperate intollerance not related to the PCOS :) I'm also on a strict running regimine so I can lose 10% of my current body weight.

The good thing is, you've got the Metformin, which helps with weight loss A LOT. Metformin is good for cutting away at belly fat, which is the most dangerous to women's health, so you got lucky there!! My family has a history of problems with Metformin, so I need to still convince my doc to let me use the drug. I'm working on that right now.

What kind of diet does your doc have you on? And are you taking any meds like Provera? Provera really helped me regulate everything and keep the hormones in check, though the first few days I was on it I was an emotional wreck :)

Best of luck!

~ Em
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Thanks for the reply will go back, see what the doctor says this time round, just hope it stops end of this week I am really fed up to honest, also on a diet the doctor advised me lose a few pounds is it me? is it hard losing weight with this pcos condition?
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Hmm, good question. I have the same problem with my PCOS.

My doc also told me this was normal. If it goes on for another week, I would go back to the doctor. That's what I plan on doing just because I don't like the thought of bleeding for two weeks.
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