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Questions about diet to overcome PCOS

Hi All!

I have PCOS (as seen in ultrasound). I'm a vegetarian, 5 feet 2 inches tall and have a wight of 52 kg. I have been married since a year and I'm planning to conceive in 2 years from now. I have read that by modifying diet one can completely reverse PCOS. I have following questions about diet:

1. Can I consume soy products? Is it suggested to consume soy products thrice every week. (I'm not sure about this. Somewhere I have read that soy has protein and for PCOS one should combine carbohydrate with protein, so it is good to have soy products.
I have also read soy has phytoestrogen (estrogenic activity) so it will add to the already elevated levels of estrogen in the body of a PCOS sufferer, so it should be avoided. On the contrary some articles say that soy is good as it has estrogenic activity and would block the excess estrogen receptors in PCOS). Please advice.

2. Can I consume milk and egg white? I love milk but recently I came to know that now a days hen, cows and buffaloes are being injected with hormones and consuming their milk will worsen the condition of hormonal imbalance in PCOS. Moreover milk is acidic and has a ph below 7 and hence not good for PCOS. However, if I leave milk I'm afradi that being a vegetarian I might miss on certain essential nutrients. Please suggest.

3. Can I consume fruits with high sugar content? As high blood sugar is associated with PCOS. I'm wondering if I can consume mangoes, watermelon and other fruits with high sugar content. I thought these fruits have natural sugar which will not cause any harm. Please suggest.

Thanks so much
I look forward to some insightful discussion
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Check out this site for some answers to some of your questions http://www.pcosnutrition.com/index.php?pID=10
For the fruits check on the glycemic index and glycemic load of the foods you want to eat mangos, watermelon, and many other fruits are considered low Glycemic Index and don't affect your blood glucose as much as some so they are ok to eat for us with PCOS.
I don't know much about soy since I can't eat it (allergic)but for milk and eggs and other foods try to stick with organic and those that state that no hormones were used to feed the animals. If it's not on a label you can find that information on the products website or by contacting the product's producer.
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