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Really long periods

Like the typical woman with PCOS I have irregular periods.  However, most women go without it for long periods of time.  I have had the opposite.  I went two years where I only stopped bleeding for about 2-3 weeks total.  I went on birth control this spring and it took 4 months to stop it!  I am 31 years old and I went through the same symptoms as a teen and birth control fixed it.  I had two children and after my second, I had post pardom depression for two years.  I am thinking that this change in hormones messed me up again.  After my daughter, I bleed for 6 weeks after delivery, stopped for two days and then got my first period even though I breast fed for 12 months.  I had lost all but 6 pounds 2 weeks after delivery and then proceeded to gain 50 in the next 2 years while trying to lose weight with diet and exercise.  How frustrating!  After being diagnosed and going on Metformin and BC, I have lost 25.  It was good to know that there was a reason that all of it was happening.  My first thought was that at least I do not deal with the infertility aspect as I had both of my children with no problems.  However, if my period does not stop, I cannot get pregnant again!  I am infertile if my body does not get passed this shedding stage.  My question is does anyone else deal with an "irregular" constant period as opposed to an "irregular" missed period?  Rebekah      
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Yes!! Irregular (nonstop) periods? I also have that issue. It started in 2003, and after lots of different meds and changes in pills, we got it stopped and regulated. It came back in September of this year and once again we got it stopped all together for about a month w/ meds- but now my period is really really heavy. I'm seeing the doc again tomorrow.  

My sister also has PCOS and was diagnosed before me. She had a terrible time w/ the same issue. She was bleeding through 3-4 pads/hr. She became immobile really. COuldn't leave the house for fear of bleeding through.  Her hormore therapy stopped her periods all together for several years. She's never concieved and at 37, she's given up hope. She had to have a D and C last year due to the lining of her uterus thickening up and causing pain from going so long w/o periods. The doctor just took her off metformin (after 5 years+) So she's waiting to see what will happen. No period yet. She's still on magase (sp) But she's scared to death. She's also diabetic at this point and on meds for that still. Her constant bleeding problem is so bad, she asked for a hysterectomy. But obviously, the doc is against that.

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