Just found out for deffonate that i do have PCOS.

The doctor wants to talk to me about treatment, what are the sorts of treatment available? And what ones actually work?

Thanks x
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I have had PCOS since I was 16 and I am not 31!

I take metformin to help and Provera (progesterone) to get period every month

I started taking these meds as a treatment plan for Endometrial hyperplasia with Atypia in March 2012 and my body is already starting to work on its own!

I ovulated in May and June!

I started a low carb diet and workout regimen and have lost 21 lbs, im sure that helped too!

I also quit smoking almost 6 month ago and i haven't drank any alcohol in that long either!!!!  
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I was diagnosed just a month ago. There is a book called "Androgen disorders in Women." It was written by Theresa Cheung. Its all about PCOS and the different treatment options. It also explains your symptoms and helps you understand what is going on. I highly recommend it.
I have heard that metformin really helps. But it is not standard of care or approved by the FDA yet. Although there are many doctors who are using it and it is effective.

If you are going to a gynecologist they may offer you only Birth control which has been typically used. But, It is only a band-aid. It does not fix your hormones. Really it just masks the problem by tricking your body into thinking its pregnant. If you want to get pregnant you'll have to go off of it but then you may need to take fertility drugs. My endocrinologist has me losing weight first to see if that helps. If three months of exercising and eating right and losing weight doesn't help it, he will prescribe metformin.

He said that in his experience losing weight and eating right worked in most instances.

It is certainly worth a try! It can't hurt you. Hope this helps.

Good luck  
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You know i was diagnosed with this  like gosh i forget like 2-3 years ago. They put me on something called Metiformn and it is suppose to help with weight loss, acne, & your menstrual cycles.  But you have to work out and eat right.    

good luck, i myself is still trying to find answers & true results.
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