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Scared of PCOS

I have syptoms that point to PCOS and I'm very scared that I have it. I'm only 20 years old and ever since I can remember I've wanted a baby. I'm going to the doctor it two days to get it checked. What will they do at the OBGYN's to diagnose PCOS?
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It's definitely a bit scary.  I was diagnosed with PCOS in November.  I can tell you how it happened for me.....I went to the OBGYN and they referred me to an endocrinologist.  The endocrinologist just asked me a bunch of questions.  It was pretty clear from the Q&A session that I probably had PCOS.  The endocrinologist then sent me for blood work to confirm the diagnosis.  I had a followup appointment to review the blood work, and sure enough that confirmed it.  I was immediately started on meds to treat the symptoms.  The process was a little more than a month long.  The only thing worse than the waiting game was hearing the news and letting it set in.  The possibility of not having children is hard to think about. I hope that helps explain things a little.
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Thanks...wow I don't know if I'm ready to hear it. The only reason I've waited this long to go to the doctor is I haven't had the money. I hope it doesn't take forever to find out...My appts on thursday morning, and I've been really stressing about it.
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PCOS is not as bad as many of the ladies on here say it is. If you get things started early, follow doctors orders...then having children is an option. A friend of mine on here conceived twins naturally while having PCOS, so as you can see it's not impossible. I've been dealing with PCOS since I was 20, I'm almost 24 now. I have a great doctor, who knew how to treat me and I'm doing better. With his help I have lost 50lbs and my periods started to become normal again. I take Metformin 500mg 2x and Yasmin birth control pills. Your young, so it's good that you are taking the right direction to get things treated and started. You might not even have PCOS. Your doctor will mostly likely send you in for some blood work to check on your hormones to see if any are abnormal. Thats how I was Dx'ed. Some of my hormone levels were out of balance.
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My appt was today...and like I figured my doctor wants me to go get blood work done next week. My first impression of this doctor was good, which I'm happy about...it made me worried. I'm glad to hear that it's still possible to have kids...
How much weight did you start out at if you don't mind my asking? As of today I'm starting an exercise program! My goal right now is 50 lbs., it seems like I have a long way to go...
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I have PCOS too, I weighted 377 when I went to see my dr( 09/08) and be told I have pcos I have lost around 60-70 pounds as of now depending on the time of the month. I just started to walk and will be trying to lose another 20-30 pounds so I can get under the 300 mark.

They put me on metformin to control my insulin issue and to help me drop some weight.
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My doctor put me on Metformin as well.  However, for me, the metformin and excercise did no lead to weight loss.  I started a low GI diet aimed at people with PCOS and my body did respond to that.  I started at 170 lbs, and and have now lost 15 lbs.
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I started at 333lbs. I'm now at 283lbs. I was at some point last year 273, but allot has went on in my life...so weight came back. I just started my diet again on 1/2/2010 and down 11lbs so far. I also take metformin as well.
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I'm at 240 lbs right now...My goal is 50 lbs.
Are you married or have a BF? I don't, and I wonder if I ever will now that its going to be hard to concieve? I hope to lose the weight and maybe it wont be an issue but who knows...
Does metformin make it easier to lose wieght for most ppl? I really cant wait to get the results for the blood work, and see what the doctor will say...
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Yes I have a BF, almost 3 years. We have discussed the issuse of having kids...but right now we are both not ready to even think about trying. Metformin does help you to lose weight, but you need to stay on track of what you eat. Try taking walks, like 30 mins a day and eating right. You will start to see a difference.

I personally do not want kids until I'm about 26 or 27....so I still have 2 or 3 years of thinking about starting.
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i was diagnosed with PCOS in October and my doctor just asked me some questions and order a preliminary blood test and then a complete blood test. I was a little shocked to find out I have PCOS as I have already had 3 children. the reason I had been concerned is i was skipping periods or having long cycles. i found out i was pregnant again in Dec (conceived  in Nov) without any meds, i am currently 12 1/2 weeks a baby is doing fine. it is still possible to have children when you have PCOS it can just take longer or be a little more difficult. it is good that they caught it while you are young, so that you can be treated and know what to expect when you do want to try for children!  
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Thanks for that.   That is so hopeful to hear!  
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I just had a bunch of blood tests done today...I had to be poked like 12 times because of my stupid veins...I go see the results with my doctor next thurday...I'm so glad to hear all your good news about having kids!
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Hi Scared Alone... you are not alone!  I am 26 and was just diagnosed with PCOS a month ago.  I actually have a 3 1/2 yr old daughter so want to echo what everyone else has said about it being totally possible to get pregnant with PCOS, it just might be more challenging.  I've been trying to conceive for 2 years (miscarried my second child in Feb 2008) and it is that struggle that led me to my PCOS diagnosis. I don't need to lose weight but I DO have insulin resistance which is very very common with PCOS.  I was put on Metformin but my goal is to not have to use any drugs and being able to manage my symptoms through diet and exercise.  If you would like to look into some diet resources I would definitely recommend "The PCOS Workbook" by Angela Grassi and "The Insulin Resistance Diet" by Cheryle Hart.

Good luck to you!
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I just feel alone I guess...I haven't told anyone yet...Don't know how to. I have a doctors appt thursday to go over my labs...I hope it's not too bad, and that whatever they give me is not that expensive, or I wont be able to afford it. I just don't know what to do about it all right now. I've been trying to find to exercise and stuff, but with school its really hard! I barely have time to study...Idk..we'll see how it goes I guess Thanks for your info!
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Hello Scared Alone,

I am another girl of this group too. Well i have been diagnosed recently, i am 29 now. I used to have excessive hair growth and my periods were always once every 40 days (which is not normal according to gyns) and did not know the cause of this because the hormones level in the blood was normal (strange though!!!) and then after some month i started to have heavy pains on my left side, near the ovary. I have been to many doctors and no one of them did find the true reason, though i was still having  pain, sometimes not so heavy and other times too much. Then i decided to visit another doctor, a very good one, who understood my situation at the very first moment and told me what was the cause of the pains, PCOS (damn it)! In my case it is genetic though my mom did not have problems in having her babies. He put me Yasmine 6 months ago and i am still taking them for the next 6 months. He told me that this problem CANNOT be cured but just monitored over the years (though he could not be sure for anyhing, always exists exceptions)!!! Now i am having periods once every 28 days and they are not anymore heavy and my hair are becoming normal.Though i do not have many of the mentioned characteristics of the females with PCOS. I am not overweight, and not have facial hairs. I am trying to be calm and to hope that the situation will change and i feel different from the other girls around me. This is sad but this is life and this is my luck.
Never lose hopes, you never know what happens, and i feel also blessed to find a good doctor to take care of me. :)

Good luck to everyone of you and lots of blessings. :)
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Can any1 tell m?
I am 23yrs old , married its been 1yr.... trying to concive but my dr told m i got Pcos .
she give m gloucaphage and dhuphaston . and after that clomid but no good follicle.
this month she adivce m too take injections Gland f ... now tells see...
but any1 of u have any idea does gland f will be help full?????
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