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Some advice please????

Hi ladies, Long story but i'll try to cut it down!!!

2004 -  I began to see consultant due to ongoing issues with PCOS

Oct 2010 - 1 IVF cycle that ended after injections due to ovaries not responding to treatment.

Nov 2011 - I've just started having periods again after almost 7 years!!!

My last period started 16th Dec very heavy for full 5 days, calmed down day 6 stopping on day 7.

Jan 7th 2012 Day 23 of cycle during bathroom visit on wiping came across thick egg white like mucus with pinky/red blood through it? this has continued once or twice a day for the last 3 days but with added cramps, bloating and pains from both side's of my ovary area's

Any ideas as to what this could possibly mean would help a great deal as I've never had this before xx
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It is difficult to comment without an examination. However thick egg white like discharge is an indication of effect of progesterone and may indicate that an ovulation has taken place. However if it is a curdy white discharge then it may mean an infection. Cramps and bloating may also indicate an imminent period. Consult a Doctor for an evaluation.
Hope this helps.
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I agree, thick egg white like sounds like ovulation but creamy cottage cheese is infection...
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Thank you ladies, it was just like egg white consistency clear but with blood through, however I started my period the very next day. I'm on day 6 of what's been a very heavy period with lots of clots of various sizes (nothing large) but still quite worrying and now just spotting but again I have the raw egg white mucus (clear) with blood through it???
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Sooo a clear egg white means an ovulation has taken place??? Or is taking place? lol Me and my husband have been trying, well IDK i wouldnt say we have been actually trying, just hoping to get preg. And trying a little more than usual, but anyways, we've been trying for about 2 years now. :( no luck. Lots of times I thought I might be, but nope. Thinking my weight might have alot to do with this?? Thats what I hear alot anyways. Any tips??? Hope Im posting in the right thing! I just started on here and I'm probably doing it wrong lol
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