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Spotting in mid cycle

Yesterday was CD 13 and I had a slight pink discharge  and I saw it only once and it stopped.
I am 32 yrs old and I have PCOS and I am on the following medications clomid,metformin and Levothyroxine.

The ultrasound done 8 months back dint show any polyps or fibroids. I have an appointment with my OB/GYN next week. So I am thinking of asking her to run tests to make sure I do not have any polyps or fibroids.

I am just worried about what caused the mid cycle spotting. This is the first time it happened. Does anyone had this kind of mid cycle spotting and has been diagnosed with any problem. I am just worried.

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I actually have that too.  Its been pretty recent, and I never had it before I was taking Spironolactone, so I'm not exactly sure. Then again, I also just switched back to my old bc after some dissatisfaction with another one.  I haven't ever heard that spotting mid-cycle was bad.  What did your OB/GYN say if you don't mind?
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This could be ovulation spotting, or a cycst may have burst if there was any pain?
or if your ttc implantation bleeding, althought this is supposed to be more commonly brown. Could be anything, although if you have fairly regular cycles, being CD13, sounds like ovulation, was there EWCM with the pink?
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I have mid cycle spotting and my obgyn said its bc were messing with our hormones and there going up and down. I take 2000mg/day of metformin and didn't have this happen until I started taking it. But she says its hormonal imbalance bc we are taking meds to get our system back right.
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