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Trying to conceive

Dear Dr.,

I have been trying to get pregnant since last year.Did 3 cycles on Clomid with 250mg and 4 cycles on Bravelle followed by HCG.I did ovulate but did not get pregnant.
I am now 31 years old.My REI said that the FSH was good but could not understand why I did not get pregnant.
I have PCOS.I am also tkaing 800 mg metformin.Had my fasting blood sugar tested and it was normal.My husbands sperm count was a little low -17million.
Can you please advice what might me another reason for me not being able to conceive.
Recently I have started exercing and stopped by birth control pills(which I took for 4 months in between).I want to try naturally for a year before I move on to IVF.Does a patient like me with PCOS and on metformin have chances of conceiving naturally with exercising and losing weight?

I have a 4 year old son.I conceived him following a clomid IUI cycle.I had a C section and my doctor said she had cauterized the cysts on my ovaries .However last year I also had a HSG and there were no abnormal findings.Does this mean that I have scarring over my ovaries and the eggs are not getting released.

Please advice.
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I just wanted to share my story... I have pcos and in 1997 I stopped having a period.  I was also very overweight,... started with a size 18 and went up by 2000 I was a size 26... Well I was trying to become pg but without a period of course I couldn't.  So I went on clomid... iui... no luck finally with injectables I got pg during the third round...  Well,  I had her in 2002.  By 2004 I decided I needed to do something about my weight... I was a size 28. I didn't feel like I ate a WHOLE lot more than others but what I did was cut out the carbs almost completely in the beginning and rode my bike outside...  I lost 45lbs in 3 months... and by 9 months was down 90lbs...  I finally a little over 100lbs and went to a size 12 during this period I got a divorce and was single...  my period came back I recently got married and got pg 22 days after the wedding using nothing to help!  I really think the key to PCOS and not only having a baby but loosing weight is carbs...  I think we just can't eat as many.  I now eat some carbs but I keep them down to like under 80 a day...  good luck ladies just wanted to share my story
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Yes I did get pregnant on my own with vitamins b12 and b6 and doing a low carb diet. ALSO very important get your husband on 1000mcg of vitamin C a day! This will greatly improve his count! I think your husband should have a count over 20. My husband was infertile as well even though his count was similar to  your husbands.Men under 20 are actually considered infertile.  By his second test his was up much higher! It not only helped with the count but the motility of the sperm which is even more important. I went on to have 2 children! Believe me, natural can work! I helped my cousins wife and she took everything I told her and they got pregnant no problem, with twins! The b6 will help with mentrual regulation which will help with progesterone production, get the highest dose and B12 encourages ovulation and also get the highest dose. I wouldn't ovulate on my own even with Clomid. I was pregnant after 3 months of taking this and watching my diet. Stay away form simple sugars as well.  
Much luck!
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