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Hi everyone,
I have been trying to have a baby for years and nothing has happened. A healthy 24years old with healthy 28 years old husband. I got examined a few days ago and I was diagnosed with PCOS, I have most of the symptoms like overweight, absent periods, when periods do come, they are heavy and painful, I have to miss work, thinning of hair and darker areas of skin under arms, my doctor has put me on INOFOLIC (a dietary supplement containing myo-inositol and folic acid), PRIMOLUT N (to induce periods) and Clomid 50mg. I have 3 days left on the PRIMOLUT N and when my periods come,I was told to start taking the CLOMID and then go see my Dr on the 11th day of cycle to see if I am ovulating.I have changed my life style,more exercise, even diet (sugar free) and I love chocolate,lol:) and I am taking DUROMINE 30mg  to assist with weight loss.Now my question is, what do I have to expect with this type of treatment? What happens if I am not ovulating? How much does this type of treatment typically cost? How many cycles of CLOMID are normal to take, before the doctor can decided on another form of treatment?
Please help me, it really hurts when I can not be happy for friends and family when they have babies.
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I understand where you are coming from hon... Luckily I have 3 beautiful children already. But when my youngest was born 5 years ago I was told I couldn't have anymore because I do have PCOS and it's the off set of having Fibromyalgia.... But I am now 12 weeks pregnant with baby number 4.... I am also over weight also so I know how you feel, I also have a herniated disc in my lower back which causes great pain. There are some natural herbs you may be able to try if you'd like I can get together a small list of them, just send a message to my inbox.
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You should expect to take the clomid for 5-6 months, though not any longer than that. My doc said that if pregnancy isn't acheived after 6 mos on clomid, than it's just time to move on. I am on my 4th month of clomid, we're doing 6 months. Each doc is different on how they monitor- my doc did progesterone checks on day 21 for my first 3 months on clomid, it's just blood work. The first month he did a u/s on day 28 just to make sure the clomid did not overstimulate. After 3 months without success, we stopped the clomid for a month and did an HSG, which checks for blockage of the fallopian tubes. No blocks were found, and my progesterone levels were always indicating ovulation, so I'm just on my own these last 3 months. are you using an ovulation predicter kit? It'll help you plan when to have sex, talk to your doc on which days they suggest and the time between. I'm doing this under my ob/gyn, he said if we're not successful then he'll refer us to an infertility specialist, and I don't know what that will entail.

Hope this helps!
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