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Will an IUD be able to keep my male hormones down like the contraceptive pill?

Hello. Please, I've been diagnosed with PCOs in December 2016 and, since then, I've been taking birth control pills (as a form of contraception in my long-term relationship and as a treatment in itself). Because I am very afraid of getting pregnant and really do not want kids, I take my pill religiously. I've been considering getting an IUD because I feel there are less things that could happen to mess with my contraception if I had one. The problem is: my PCOs was not controlled by life style choices. I've never been over weight, my insulin was and still is normal, I exercise regularly, and I am a plant-based vegan. Still, I had microcysts and my testosterone was very high for a long time. I had weird hair growth in my chin, a lot of acne, depression, my waistline gradually disappeared, and my energy was low. I had some mild cramps unrelated to my period as well. When I started taking Yasmin all those problems went away but I also got worried because of the many unhealthy side effects of contraceptive pills. My question is: If I get an IUD, will it be able to control all my hormonal problems? Can I have an IUD and also take an anti-androgen or something like that?
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