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Yasmin - Whats the scoop!?

So I hear (and I have also read) that yasmin is AWESOME for women with PCOS.. Any comments? I am about to switch from alesse to yasmin but I am nervous because there have been many birth control pills that give me uncontrollable mood swings, anxiety and depression. Alesse has been okay for me, not the best, but ok. Does anyone else experience this when they take birth control pills? I think that it is related very closely to PCOS. It seems like since your body is already so out of balance with hormones, then when you put more hormones into your body it just throws your body off completely, hence why the change in mood. That is my thought on the matter, I could be wrong. But ya as much as anyone can tell me about yasmin, the better. good things, bad.. I wanna hear em guys!! THANKS!
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Well i was on yasmin before I knew I had pcos and it was the best BC ever. I'm now trying to get pregnant so..
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I am taking Yasmin four years and I never had any problems with mood swings and other horrible things that are caused from hormonal pills (like sweating, depression, anger, irritability). So, from my experience, Yasmin is good, better than some other medications of this kind.
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yasmin works well for me and i also have pcos. never had breakthrough bleeding or side affects.
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Both Alesse and Yasmin are good for PCOS.  I have been prescribed both by different PCOS specialists.  I've been told that Yasmin (in combination with aldactone and propecia) is particularly good for combatting hair loss.  Depending on your symptoms, you should go with the one that makes you feel best.  
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does it work for hair grow
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YES, good question. Anyone know.? Does it work for lessening androgens and hair???
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