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abnormal vaginal bleeding

I am 33 and have been having abnormal vaginal breakthrough bleeding.  My OBGYN put me on progestin about a year ago because he suspected I was no longer ovulating (very long periods, lots of brown/black flow).  I felt better while taking the progestin, however I had an unusual bleeding pattern (spotted at different times other than when I should have had the regular flow).  So my Dr. put me on a very low dose BC pill, which I felt better on even than on the progestin, but I was still having breakthrough bleeding (light brown flow w/ black "chunks").  Since then, I have been on two other BC pills (the higher estrogen pills make me feel rotten), but am still having some breakthrough bleeding.  My Dr. is obviously convinced it is a hormonal imbalance, but I am concerned that it might be something more.  How long should I continue with this 'changing the BC route', and when should I say, "Hey, maybe we should run some tests or something?"
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See another doctor for a second opinon. Your current doctor isn't even treating you. All he is doing is throwing more bc pills your way. You need to go for ultrasound and get blood work done. You could have cysts and a hormanal inbalance.
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