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best exercise for PCOS

Anyone have any luck at a particular exercise that helped you lose weight with PCOS.. I speed walk 2x daily and dont get any results..each walk is at least 30 minutes.   Any success stories???
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i was told to lose weight to help my symptoms, ive lost 2 stone over the last 5 months and am now at 9 stone, sure i'd like to lose another 1/2 stone but ive been told when you have pcos the problem isnt losing the weight but mainting it so aim for a weight that you fell you'd be able to stay at. i basically cut out foods like cakes, crisps and chocolate, stopped drinking fizzy pop and alcohol. i do 45 mins on my running machine, skip for 15 minutes and do 100 sit ups 6 days a week.
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i have the same problema nd the same question!!! BUMP!!!
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