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bubble in chest

hi i am 50 female overweight been of and on chest pain thru back fills like a bubble stuck sometimes if i burp pressure goes down today not so far. yjis has been going on for awhile off and on  then there is night and day sweats that have been happing couple times a week might be stress.  I also found a lump in my left breast feels kinda hard my breast are lumpy so hard to tell no insurance so kinda on my own i have high blood presuere been out of meds for awhile and have arthriths and my back hurts most days figure because of weight and large breast any hekp would be great
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Wow that's a lot God bless you. Do you have a free clinic in your area!?! Or have you tried applying for any assistance ex. Medicare.... It sounds like you really need to get some help ASAP!!!! Or try going to your local Health adept and maybe they can get you started in the right direction on how to get assistance. Especially with you being out of blood pressure med. please don't wait any longer to seek help.
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