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chronic endocervicitis

Can PCOS cause chronic endocervicitis and hyperplasia?
Since I was 17 or 18, I started to have irregular periods and as a result I started seeing Ob gyn from 2008, in my country I was diagnosed with PCOS and given Cyproterone acetate BP 2 mg Ethinylestradiol BP 0.035 mg for treatment several times, however when I discontinued taking it, my periods would stop for 2 to 3 months, again I had to go to the doctor for it. Recently when I was having the above pills for regular period, I started to have dysfunctional bleeding so I went to Bumrungrad for treatment and after ETC and ETB I was diagnosed with mild hyperplasia and chronic endrocervicitis. I was given Provera for 3 cycles and during my first and second cycle while taking Provera I again had dysfunctional bleeding. I also have a 17mm functional cyst in right ovary.

I really want to understand what should be my best course of treatment?
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