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constant fight to keep normal weight with pcos

i am 24 years old and have been given a diagnosis of mild pcos december 2014 over the past year i have been fighting against my body to keep to weighing 9 st 6 i was happier at 9 stone but cannot get to this point, i am currently taking in on average 1,100 calories a day healthy eating and exercise and burn off 500 most day so am surviving on not many calories, i havent had a period for 6 weeks now they were 2 weeks late regularly over past year, gp today advises me to eat more but if i do then my weight goes up and i cant control it, i have bloating most days, i can sleep at night and wake up a different person every day, i either have a flat stomach and feel on top of the world or i have bloating, irritability, lethargy especially to both legs and have no energy all day, i cant understand my own body, i am being referred to an endicronologist who specialises in pcos but not till end july can anbody relate to how im feeling or is this just me and how i am trying to deal with this, any info would be appreciated
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I know the feeling
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I know the feeling of waking up as a different person every morning! Obviously this hormonal imbalance affects our emotions not just when it's pms! I only recently got diagnosed with pcos and so my husband and I started eating much more carefully - more fruits and veggies, more exercise, smaller portions, not eating late in the day, more exercise, etc. And guess who got the results - my husband!  Who only made those changes to support me not cuz he really needed to lose anything. So I will be more hard on myself and keeo trying!
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