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excessive facial hair

Has anyone had any luck with any of the topical medications to help with excessive facial hair?  I do not tolerate being on the bc pill at this point and I don't tolerate spironolactone without being on the pill ( this combination used to control my hair growth fairly well ).  My periods are fairly regular now and I'm not trying to conceive.  I've flunked electrolysis and have been told I'd flunk laser hair removal too.  I just didn't want to plunk out the money for Vaniqa and not have it do much for me.  


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I know exactly how you feel. I've been having similar issues with my facial hair. I want to try laser but it's expensive and I am scared. I used to wax once a week but that is VERY painful and was causing breakouts. My dermatologist aslo gave me Vaniqa but it made my skin oily and was very expensive too. Right now I use Sally Hansen cream hair remover once or twice a week. It's painless and lasts at leasst 6 full days before I start to see some hairs growing back. And it's not to expensive either. Hope this helps.
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Thanks hopeful for your comments.  

How long did you try the vaniqa?  I don't know about you but I have fairly sensitive skin so I"m concerned about it causing acne and/or redness, irritation type symptoms too.  

Laser actually isn't all that expensive if you look at the big picture.  $100 a pop for that every few months compared to the $35 for 30 minutes of electrolysis each time you go for several years.  I'm still tempted to try laser just because I can zap a larger area of hair at one time than you can electrolysis.  I just don't have time to deal with the hair at this point to do weekly hair removal at home - I can get about 2 months with electrolysis at this point. thankfully the black hairs are gone and it's mostly light, thin hairs but still - yuck. sick of this after all these years :(

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Yeah. I"m with you. I'm sick of the extra hair thing too. I'm gonna get prices from my dermatologist on the laser hair removal. If it's not too bad I'll try that road.
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I did laser, and it worked well on my upper lip, but my chin hair has actually gotten worse.
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I have tryed everything to get rid of mine, but it still comes back and its worse in the summer... I  guess it doesn't help me out much because I am mainly the cause of it growing I shave it all the time, I started shaving at 15 LOL and that was a big mistake..
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I have tried the laser but it is not that good do not shave when they tell you to... i was told to shave it so the hair will come in darker and thicker but this only makes more hair. If you get to the point where there is only thin light hair left i advice you to leave it. It works well on tough hair because it has more pigment and the laser can reach the root so it burns it away. Therefore fine hair wont be removed. I tried it for YEARS! 5 to be accurate.
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