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exercise during ovulation time

I am doing stomach asanas for more time in my regular yoga practice.I have pcos.I am trying to concieve since 4 years.

A woman who wants to conceive doing stomach asanas during ovulation time reduce chances of conception?

During stomach asanas the blood circulations helpful for conception or not?

Who wants to conceive can practice their stomach asanas and exercises in ovulation time(that means day 10 to day 20 of their period)normally or not?

Can I continue stomach asanas during ovulation time or not?One of my friend said that a woman who wants to conceive can do walking only in their ovulatin time(because during ovulation overies enlarged more in pcos woman compare to normal woman) and periods time.

please clarify my doubt.
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I don't see why you cannot exercise during these times of the month. I mean if you have ovulation pain, then maybe you might want to skip those days then cause the exercise could make the pain worse. Are you seeing a doctor for your PCOS? It's a good assumption that 4 years of TTC with no success, you might not even be ovulating normal. PCOS will cause fertility problems if left untreated.
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Hi,I am in the treatement for pcos.Since 4 years regularly I go to hospital.I am in the treatement of pcos.Now I am on metformin 1000mg and folic acid 400mg.We went for 5 IUis also .But there is no luck.I am not getting that much pain in overies.

Just my question is during ovulation can I do normally stomach asanas normally or not?
I am exercising regularly.Previously my weight was 160 lbs.Now 130lbs.Now my periods also littlebit regular.

My question is can I continue stomach exercices exercises during ovulation time?
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Is stomach exercise during ovulation time reduce conception ?The blood circulations during stomach asanas in ovulation time good for conception or not?
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I've never heard of any problems related to that type of exercise during ovulation. I don't really see why it would affect your ovulation.
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