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getting prego while having pcos

hello everyone im a new member here looking for some real answers.. i was diagnosed with pcos many years ago and have been taking metformin ever since i suffer from all of the symptoms of pcos including diabetes high blood pressure hormonal problems obiesty etc etc etc my husband and i are desperate to have a child as i am getting older now and time is ticking ,,my current doctor tells me to forget it that there is no hope that it is impossible for me to have a child ever and to stop living foolish pipe dreams.. i know other women in the past who have pcos and had a child but i lost contact with them many years ago i also have been pregnant once but lost the baby after a month many years ago. my real question i guess is to those of you who have this pcos and have a child and had to take medication or do a procedure to accomplish pregnancy any advice would be appriciated im also intestrested in if having weight loss surgery would increase my chances of getting pregnant and what can anyone who has had weight loss surgery whos had a child can tell me if it helps . would insurance cover something like that?
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Hello There:
I will have to agree with the rest of the girls when they say to change doctors. Secondly, when you have broken shoes, you go see a shoeman. If you are going to a regular doc I suggest you change to and OBGYN. And the doctors dont have a final say in anything. GOD IS and KNOWS the answer to ALL THINGS. In my case, I am not married and I didn't plan on having any kids anyway. But my doctor ( Who is super positive) still speaks to me as if I can. He put me on birth control pills and told me that if/when I want to have a child that the first month off of birth control is the most fertile period. By giving birth control, you are stopping ovulation, therefore your body will not produce the cysts. AND IT WORKS... you have to try EVERYTHING and DO NOT GIVE UP...  OR... go a holistic route.. Change your diet, incorporate exercise in your lifestyle. So see if getting on birth control on a few months will change things for you.. You will be in my prayers and BELIEVE that GOD IS... and he will show you that NOTHING is impossible... Be Blessed!!!

Side NOTE: Try the Lap-Band Surgery for wieght loss. And Insurance will cover it ONLY after you have proven that losing wieght will prevent any condition that you have from getting worse OR it will prevent you from getting a continual condition like DIABETES. AND some insurances will investigate your lifestyle to see if you have trying to lose yourself...
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Your Dr *****!!!

I have suffered from PCOS for years. When I was 23 & in shape I got prego "by accident". We weren't ttc, & I didn't think anything of it when my period didn't show for 4 months. My last period had been in Sept I didn't test until Jan. Found out I got prego in Nov. So crazy right? I had a great pregnancy, the only negative was that he came 7 weeks early. But even that was a blessing cuz he wasn't sick at all. He just had to learn to eat & grow a bit. He was a healthy baby, & is still healthy at 9 years old.  

When he was bout 4 we started ttc. Nothing. Tests when I finally went to Dr & found out I had PCOS. So we did infertility treatments, provera to start period & clomid to induce ovulation. No luck. But OB was idiot & hubby & I couldn't get on track.  Stopped the treatments, decided to leave it up to God. Still nothing. 2 yrs ago Tried infertility again but no luck. but looking back me & hubby not ready yet. (that's another story). So we're not doing treatments but not preventing pregnancy either. June/july of this year got prego WITHOUT MEDS AGAIN! but I miscarried.

So is it possible to get pregnant with PCOS? Yes I did twice......losing weight will help bcuz the mote out of shape you are the mote severe the symptoms.......besides drugs there are a few more thing you can do to increase your chances at getting prego.  Ask around, Google, read up. Good luck.
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I have to agree with msniki412...GET A NEW DR!! Why would that Dr tell u something like that! That is soooo not true and plenty women with pcos get pregnant. I am 29 i have pcos and no Im not pregnant yet but it will happen for both of us. There are so many women on this website that has pcos and had success in getting pregnant. Some naturally and some with clomid metformin or femera metformin combos. Have you had a HSG test? This will help to see if your tubes are blocked. Some women with pcos even became preg after having this procedure done.  I cant believe that Dr told u that!! I had one doc tell me to loose weight and it will happen and I was pissed  for that cause if it was that easy I would be a size 6!! Im 8dpo today so I get to test in a few more days. I really hope I am just so I can personally call that Dr and tell them to kick rocks! i am overweight as well and I have a plan that if this is not the month I will really focus hard on loosing about 40 pounds or so. But really hun you can def still get preg u may need a little push but it can happen! Dont give up hope we are all here for u!
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1. Never been pregnant
2. Never taken medications to help to get pregnant

First thing is first....change doctors! This doctor sounds very rude by telling you to give up hope on having babies. I see your profile and it says your 31...your still in that "good" age to get pregnant. As far as having PCOS, yes it makes it harder for us to get pregnant and lose weight, etc. I hear your on metformin, have you lost any weight with that? I too take metformin and lost 62lbs on it, but right now my weight goes up and down allot due to stress. I don't really care for any of those weight loss surgies because I have seen many people get it done, and after a few years the weight comes back. Hard work is the only thing that pays off in weight loss. I'm not sure if insurance would cover it...UNLESS it's medically needed and a doctor agreed to it.

There are drugs like clomid and fermera to help you ovulate. Are you getting a normal cycle each month? I would probably tell you to stay clear of clomid as if you have the cysts on your ovaries common with PCOS, then Clomid can make things worse. But there are plenty of ladies on here who have conceived naturally with PCOS. My friend Lori is I think about 29 weeks with a baby girl, and there is another lady named Joy who has 3 girls and she too has PCOS. So...it's not impossible!!!

First thing is first, get a new doctor. Then discuss your options.
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