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I am hoping someone can help me.  I have been off the pill for 1 year.  I am 31 in July and have been on the pill for 13 years.  We have been trying to conc. for 1 year and have just been informed that I have PCOS on both ovaries.  My husbands sperm is normal and a high sperm count.  I also have ankolysing spondilitis (arthritis in the spine) which i think is an auto immune problem.  During the last year of trying on 3 occasions i have been sick every day and sore breasts about 1 week before my period is due.  This led us to believe that i was pregnant but then my periods start like clock work.  The Dr. says that they were not pregnancies.  But what else could it have been???  Also even though i have PCOS and low Prog on day 21 of cycle my periods over the last year are spot on every month!!!  Why is this?  Can anyone relate to this?  What would you suggest?  Also has anyone who has got pregnant got any hints or tips
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My doctor told me that I have PCOS 2 years ago, and recently I was told that I also have something that is called Factor 5,  Everything that you are going through is the same as me.  It sucks!!  We have been trying for 8 years, and we have lost 5.  That is where the Factor 5 comes into play.  I was told that Factor 5 is in only 5% of women.  As soon as you conc. your body passes blood clots and they get stuck in the ambelical cord and kills the baby.

I know that you can take medicine to help with the PCOS, I take Glucophage, the same as diabetics.  It makes me really sick.

Don't give up!!!  

Stay positive, I really know that it is very hard to do but if you don't it will eat you up in side.

I have an old friend that has PCOS and she has 2 healthy girls right now!!
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I couldn't hold back my tears while I was reading your post. It seemed to me I was reading my own words. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I'm in the same situation. We've been ttc for 8 years and nothing. It seems like everyone around living happy life. Everyone around is getting pregnant over and over again, having kids, having life! And I'm just existing and waiting for a miracle to come into my life. I'm so tired. Time flies fast. I'm 33 and life just passes by. I was trying to find something else which will give me strength and help to be distracted. But I couldn't... I've noticed that with each year I become more and more isolated. No meetings with friends. All they talk about is their children and I'm just sitting there in silence. One of my best friends has had her 2nd baby (conceived straight away). All she does is moan about tiredness or feeling unwell. I would love nothing more than that. I feel so angry at times that it’s taken for granted. As much as I love her, I need to distance myself from her as it’s too hard to be around. No meetings with family on holidays. Whole family gathers together. They talk about their kids and their achievements. The hardest is when relatives who don't know much about our situation start to ask why we don't have kids. No social networks. When I see another pregnancy announcement or another baby pic all I want to do is to cry. Do they have no awareness of those that may not be able to conceive? For those desperately trying? I feel like people just don’t care. This is not a life I was dreaming about...
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