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mild pcos & dhea

Hi im kinda new to this I just turned 19 and I recently found out I have dhea which is at a (345)and mild pcos. My doctor told me im not ovulating regularly so she has put me on Bc which I started yesterday the 23ofsept. She basically put me on Bc so the numbers will be lower because im not really ovulating and im a little over weight but I lost 5lbs now im at 145 trying to get to 125. Also my doctor told me in the future I may need some type of support for trying to get preg
Me taking Bc is tht helping my chances for the future when I want to start conceiving? Also I have another? June 27th I found out I had chlamydia went in the 30th got it treated afterwards I had some discharge I wasn't sure what it was I was reading it could been a yeast or pid so they did a test on me when I went to my obgyn I forgot the name of it its similar to a papsmear and she told me she would be back when she came she said everything looks fine it looks like its a yeast gave me the pill and it cleared up I have discharge but I guess its just regular discharge they also did a blood test to check me for any other stds which were negative. When my doctor did a test for my discharge could she have tell if it was pid or am over thinking or should I do a test advice plz(:
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