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Has anyone found any type of over the counter Vitamins or anything to help with the weight gain, acne, sugar issues?  I recently have found something online to help with PCOS called: D-chiro-inositol .  Anyone heard of it?
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I actually have gotten good results over the last 2 years by really watching my diet.  I've tried to eat less meat, more vegetables & whole grains and less processed foods.  I've noticed when I stick to this it seems to help. Of course I do fall off the wagon - especially around that time of the month!  

I've never heard of the product you mentioned.

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I've heard of that before. I joined this forum that sends me the latest news on PCOS I tried the inositol (or whatever it's called) it worked the first month but the second month I missed my period, the third month it lasted 3 weeks and I had to go back to my doctor to get it to stop.
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I'm just starting on it.  The soul cysters website spoke about it and lots of people had great results...  It's just a concentration from buckwheat, so if you want you can get buckwheat farinetta instead, and use it for baking.  I'll check back with you later if it's woking, or you can check my tracker notes to see if it's helping.  I have until November when my husband returns from sea to try to naturally get my cycles under control- after that I'm bringing in the fertility meds...  
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yes, I take it, and it keeps fat from accumulating.  BUT it causes you to loose weight, and in my case, that makes me have an unstoppable period.  I starting to think that PCOD has to do with fats, maybe the pancreas.  I have experimented with my body and found an ideal weight to keep my periods normal (too much weight no period, too little never ending period).  I take the choline, inisitol, and lecithin.  I also take caprylic acid due to chronic yeast infestations that I think come from sugar imbalance, and I dont get the infections anymore. So far, I get my period on the same day every month, however, if i go to the gym and start working out and loose too much fat I will have an unstoppable period that i have to take progesterone for a couple of days to end.    
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