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oh wow, i never would have thought they were linked??

I just found out about what PCOS was.  I had no clue it even existed, and now i'm terrified of it.  I was looking up reasons for hair loss, and BAM there were all of my symptoms listed in one little list.  
I have high blood pressure
very irregular periods (sometimes skip months at a time) and then when it does come the bleeding so very heavy.
bad hair loss (by the way i'm 20)
lots of excess body and face hair.  (its really crazy)((thick facial hair,leg hair, and arm hair)
acne, (not bad acne but acne non the less)
I am over weight and do struggle with lossing it. (considering the lap-band.)

I am not the least bit stressed so i know these symptoms aren't coming from that, i'm probably the most laid back person you'd ever meet.  I have to go to my doctor soon, and i'm going to talk to him about this. But i'm on topamax for migraines and I think you can't take birth control with topamax.(which was never a problem for me.) but, now that I may need it? i don't know???
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I too am on a migraine medication. I take Inderal LA 120mg 1x a day and I also take bcp (Yasmin) and Metformin 500mg 2x for weight loss. My doctor knew I was on Inderal LA and said it was fine. Talk to your doctor about getting on Metformin. It works great and with that I've lost 60 + lbs with it. I have all the symptoms that you have too, except I don't have high blood pressure. I wouldn't consider the lap band surgery (only as a last resort). I work with a woman who had that surgery and had allot of complications with it and gained all the weight back that she lost. I would really consider trying metformin and a diet (maybe like 5 meals a day, small) and start walking about 30 mins a day. You will see results if you do that. I tell you, the first 60 pounds for me were a breeze, now I'm struggling only because I'm not really watching as close to what im eating and I'm not walking like i normally do (for family issues). But once my issues get in order, I'll be back to losing weight again.
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Hi, i can't take bc pills either, my doctor put me on metformin.  like you i have high bp but i don't have periods without meds, other than that i don't fit pcos. ask your doc about metformin (glucophage), it made me feel a lot better. good luck.
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