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plz help>>>> hirsutism and laser therapy

Am having hirsutism coz of PCOS, i did my first hair laser removal. how many sessions of laser removal i need????? my skin color type is III and the laser machine is called alexnedrite>>> the dermatologist said to me u need ALOT of sessions<< which made me sad and depressed<< as i planning to get married after approx 8 months from know> having thick dark hair in my chin< sunburns an upper lip
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What's is your skin color ??? I am like a mocha color Iam Arab so you get the picture but anyway I had it dine when I was 17 it's amazing had it done 6 times my sideburns and chin the hairs were not really course the darker the course of hair the more you gotta do
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hey,,, my skin is Light intermediate or dark-skinned European,, they called it type 3,,, i really feel depressed coz of the hair in my sideburns and chin coz its so dark and terminal,,,,, i really feel that i am cheatin my finace, coz i neva eva tell him about my hirsutism,,, he always keep telling me tat i am the most beautiful girl but Am NOT!!!!!!!! plz i need ur support,,,, thank u alot
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Hi,I had the same problem due to pcos,am very pale and had alot of dark,course facial  hair and even when the hair was removed very dark shadowing.I started laser hair removal and must say from the first session I saw a drastic improvement.I have been getting laser now for about 3 years every 4 weeks to start with then gradually doing it less till I am now about 3 months between sessions, and there only patches I have treated now,Ul look great in 8 months!!! hope this helps
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