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heya guys, i was diagnosed with pcos about a year ago and was already trying to conceive, ive recently been put on metformin a dosage of 1500mg a day, it has started to regulate my periods but im spotting in the middle, was wondering if anyone else is on metformin and has this problem? Also my partner thinks he has a low sperm count didn't know if there was anyone else with this problem? im quite young but am in a stable relationship have my own home and me and my partner have good jobs, im getting signs that i feel im pregnant but tests always come up negative, i get quite upset each time, i think its all in my head, is there any advice some people can give me or any experinces people can share
many thanks :)
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hello i too have PCOS and it is so frustrating .I take metformin too 1000mg in the morn and 1500 at night,but it really does nothing for me.Havent had a regular period  since may and went without one at all for 8 months before that.Do you know if your ovulating every month.Have you ever tried the ovulating kits to see. Then your next step would be to have your mans sperm count checked then have the doctor give you some clomid.good luck
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this is my second month on the metformin, ive already had a period but it was very light and short from what im used to, i have also been getting random spotting which is a little worrying, i thought about the ovulating kits but i always get scared of the results stupid i know :/ ive got an appointment with the doctor next month so will prob get my partner to get his sperm checked or mention it then, thanks for replying :)
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