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recipes for eating healthy with pcos

Im looking to loose weight and have a better life style. I have been trying to get pregnant for the past year or so with one pregnancy which was lost. I'm hoping that if I change my eating lifestyle and loose weight I will concieve quieker. my question is, does anyone have any recipes for me that I CAN eat that is healthy for people with pcos. all recipes are welcome...
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Most & I mean most diet or sugar free anything contain aspartame. Aspartame is bad. Look it up. So stay away from it.

What I did was I picked one thing to focus on for 1 month, for example no soda. Then the next month I added 5 push ups & 5 sit ups everyday, then increase 2 more of each every week. Then the next month you cut out, something else from your diet. Then the next month you add something positive.

Doing it this way you are making lifetime health changes in baby steps. Cuz if you cut everything out at once......we usually end up failing. plus this way you are setting up short time goals for yourself where you can be successful. You can do anything for 30 days! Then once you have you know you can keep doing it for 30 more plus whatever your next goal is.  

Like what msniki said, 1st replace regular pasta with barilla's plus pasta, tastes same just has more protein & omega 3. If you're a white rice person slowly integrate the brown rice with white.

Good luck! Best wishes!
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Well, I don't really have any actual recipes but I do have advice for you in which it should probably help you out. For us with PCOS, it makes our bodies harder to digest simple carbs (i.e. pasta, breads, rice). So because of this, this is why we gain weight and this is why it takes so long to come off. My suggestions are as follows:

Bread: whole grain, high fiber. Anything high fiber (yes it is more calories) works to your advantage, because it will make your body feel more full...in theroy to eat less during the day.

Pasta: whole grain, or something like Barilla Plus or Ronzoni Smart taste w/ fiber. Stick with your 2 ounces (about a cup cooked) and mix in veggies or lean chicken.

Rice: whole grain, stick to serving size and mix in veggies to feel more full.

Meat: lean, chicken, beef is OK, turkey, fish. Anything lean is good. I try to buy 93/7% ground turkey, I normally stay clear of beef.

Snacks: 100 calorie snacks are great. You can carry them in your bag, and eat them on the go. Popcorn is good.

It's pretty much...PORTION CONTROL. If you cut your portions in half, you will see the weight coming off. Watch the soda intake (even DIET!). Diet soda, makes you crave sweet things. Stick to water, unsweetned iced tea, seltzer. Anything "diet" drink, is sweeter then the normal stuff.
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