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success story of PCOS women...

hi everyone i want to know you among woment in this forum who has a success story of having PCOS but then concieved and have a healthy baby. i would love to hear your story as well as i want to see hope in your story guys... thanx... xoxo to all...
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this nt my story, br a very close frined of mine, she had pcos , she tried with many medicne to conceive a baby,, she had period vey ireugular. she coundt get any improvement being in our country , maldives,, then she went to srilanka , a private clinic,,there she foudn a very good doctor, she gave 3 tablets, and luckily after taking that and doing intercourse she got pregnant, after she conceived she is now regular in period,, than god,,
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I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 25. Up until then I never knew why my periods were so irregular or almost nonexistent. I would skip at least one month at a time and have gone even 11 months without one. I have always been thin and in great shape, no other sypmtoms like excessive hair growth or weight gain. I did have problems with hypoglycemia at times when I did not eat regularly but no other symptoms. I finally got married when I was 29 and got pregnant 7 months later. I don't know how it happened because the doctors told me I would have to take infertility drugs to help me. I never did go that route. At the time I was still skipping one to three months in between periods. Once I did get pregnant and had my daughter it seems like everything has gotten better. I now have my period almost every month. My cycle is longer than the typical 28 days, more like every 33 days. I don't know why or how but it just happened. I was not expecting it, but very thankful it did happen. I do want another child and hope I can achieve that, but if that does not happen I will be content with the one I have.  
I hope this gives some hope to those trying to coceive.  My best ,  Audrea
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I too was diagnosed with PCOS two years ago.  High testostorone and low estrogen levels which made me understand all those mood swings. I do have already a son who is now going on 6 years of age. I was trying to conceive after my son turned 2 years of age and nothing happened.  When my son was 4 I ended up taking a whole physical and blood work, and thats when I was told that I had PCOS. It kind of frighten me because the Doctor looked a little worried ( after finding out the testostorone levels.) . The Doctor now had an explanation of why I couldn't conceive. I saw another Doctor who prescribed me Metformin about 13 months ago. I always had irregular mentrual periods and with metformin and hardly ever had periods. I ended up taking Birth control just for two months ( actually this year on January 2009) But on the middle of February I decided to skip half of the birth controls and decided not to take them. I still was and am in Metformin till this day. Recently on March 30, 2009 I was rushed to the E.R because of a very discomfort abdominal pain. I was told by the Doctor that I'm actually pregnant.  I am amazed and shocked by this whole thrilling emotions, but I am also scared because I still have to take Metformin for now. I still don't know how far along I am in the pregnancy but the doctor assumes I am 6-8 weeks pregnant by the levels of HCG in the blood. I will post  more when I find out more. My first prenatal appointment is on April 28, 09. Good luck to all.
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Wow! Thank you for your story. I think my case of PCOS is what I hope I am accurately describing as mild. My only symptom is the irregular periods and some excess hair around my bikini line, which I can more or less live with. I only recently got diagnosed for sure with PCOS after having an ultrasound done. My doc told me I would prolly have trouble getting pregnant and I've been reading all these stories on here about how long and hard it was to get pregnant. You have given me some hope. I hope I am as blessed as you are :)
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