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suicidal depression

I'm 22 years old  &  4 years  ago i was diagnosed with PCOS
I started to  take the provera  pills  later a diane 35 course that resulted regulation of my period
but 2 years later my period is back to be irregulated went to the Dr. & had the exact same treatment  i had before, now recently I stopped  having  my period again thats  2 years after my 2nd treatment I told the dr I'm not having the diane 35 pills again because i suffered depression, weight gaining specially that  i'm NOT over weight at all.(i'm 114 lbs. 5.3 ft)
I started to read more & more about PCOS & I got depressed just now cause of the low precentages of thoese who get  pregnant & the VERY high  precentages of miscarriage
I'm not single & I LOVE kids I hate the thought  that i might not have any babies of my own
anyone could give me faith  help me to  overcome my severe depression?
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Hi broonzaj,
So sorry you are having to struggle with this.  Have you tried your church?  Local hospitals for support groups?  
Reach out, some group will be in your area.  Or on the phone or on the computer.

I know it sounds dismal, but, if you cannot have your own babies, maybe adoption is a possibility? Think of all the babies that are born unwanted and would love to be in a home with someone who has a heart as big as yours.

Please seek help from a friend, family member or local help groups -

Hugs from me in Connecticut!

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by the way, my 15 year-old-daughter was diagnosed with PCOS at 14.   It would absolutely devestate me if she thought of and followed through with suicide. Think of others and how they care.
When she was told that the PCOS had more trouble conceiving - she was very upset, but did feel better when she thought about adoption.
She won't know for a few years, she has to get through college first!  Then think about a family.

Keep in mind all the love in the world -
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thank you carol
adoption is definetly a good way of having a baby but before thinking about adoption as an option  I wish if someone could share  their stories with pregnancy just so  i could have faith of having a baby of my own of course there are alot of  women  who got pregnant by god will & of course with medication... would  love to read more stories just  so  i can feel that i can  overcome it & have babies of my own
& about your daughter as long as she's young she could follow a diet hopefully she has better  chances  of  getting  pregnant when she's old  enough
all the love to connecticut
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Thank you!  Her doctor told her what to stay clear of -

Did yours mention to avoid milk products that had added hormones?  

Look in the natural food stores for the ones without human growth hormones used to increase milk production in cows.

She said that is not good for cysts or women with cysts -

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wow ... thats new!
now  i havent heared  of that ever !
jee i wonder what kind of milk  starbucks uses, i know i have not less than 1 cup a day of lattee on my way to college.

well anyway your daughter  is lucky to have a caring mom like you :)

have you ever heared of women diagnosed with PCOS & got pregnant or any post with such topics?
i would care for inspiring stories thank you
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I am not positive of the statistics - but I was told she would have a harder time, not impossible.

You drink lattee on the way - more than likely they use growth hormone milk, it is the cheapest to produce as the cows produce more -  I wonder if this is enough to add to the problem, or if it is just an ounce or two of milk in the latte?

check all dairy products for this problem.

Glad I'm her mom, too!  She is a great kid. Never a problem. A / B  student.  Kind to everyone.

She is years away from trying for children, have to get her through college.  Wants to be a doctor - either child pyschologist or something in the pediatrics field.

Her brother wants to be a psychologist or something in the medical research field.

Her other brother - lawyer - too argumentative to be a doctor!


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