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Hi I'm New...
I believe in positive thinking and feeling but right now I'm going through some difficult things in my life and it's been a little hard to try and be positive but my life was better when I lived that way. Oh and to anyone on here who wants to read an inspirational book on positive thinking and feeling, you should go to amazon.com and type in Excuse Me Your Life Is Waiting: The Astonishing Power Of Feelings. It's a great book.

I'm trying to be more positive in my life right now, so any suggestions are welcome. :)

Thank You
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Hi JenLyn!

I haven't read that book, but it sounds enticing!
I'll ask my daughter in Toronto if they have it at the library down there.
So I when I go to visit next time it will be reserved for me then.( I've exceeded my book buying limit and have to wait till May when I go to the "I Can Do It Conference" in Toronto.
I am a "junkie" for wellness and health knowledge,  alternative and complimentary medicine, positive thinking, Spirituality and Consciousness.

If you are going through hard times,  try hayhouseradio.com . Very inspirational and uplifting!
The basic programming is free, however, I just purchased a 2 year membership for $84.00.
It gives me access 24/7 to all their archived programming since 2004 and great discounts for all their products. Inspirational speakers like Wayne Dyer, Brian Weiss, John Holland,
Louise hay,Marian Williamson, Deborah King and so many others who are like Angels, to lift us up through their Charisma, Inspiration, Wisdom and good Karma.

There's always a Spiritual solution to any challenge, we are presented with in life,
and those Angels are there to help us find it (the spiritual solution) !

Have you ever tried chanting Mantras? Wow, it is powerful!
Look up Deva Premal and her c.d. "Mantras for Precarious Times".
There are free sound clips that play each mantra several times.
Now you are supposed to chant each mantra 108 times. So you need to hit the play button several times. And then you repeat this process for 40 consecutive  days.
If something happens and you don't or can't, it your ego interfering with your spirit. You must start allover again from the beginning!
It has profound effects. Things will start manifesting out of nowhere in your life!
My favorite one is " Om Gom  Gunna Patayei Namaha"
  This one is to remove obstacles from your life.

I have lots of ideas and a great connection to Higher Energy so please don't hesitate to ask me anything .
I believe in Good Karma and  if anybody is looking for the Secret, look no more. The Secret is no more  secret. It is Good Karma!

Blessings to all

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