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Postpartum psychosis

Any moms expierence postpartum psychosis? Im 13 months postpartum but also 6 months pregnant and i was diagnosed with postpartum depression when my son was about 4 months old but now ive realized a huge change in myself. I still have manic episodes of anger but ive been hearing things and not in a creepy way but in a way where I think its like background noise on the tv show im watching or song im listening to and its not /: its scary and I dont know what to do, I feel like an absolute nut for even thinking id have something like that but its been bothering.
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Hi there.  I am really sorry to hear you are struggling and at this special time in your life.  Postpartum psychosis is relatively rare with the statistic being I think about 1 or 2 out of every 1000 women who have post partum.  It's a more serious form of post partum, obviously, and I am just really sorry that you are suffering from it.  Rare doesn't matter when it is you!

The guidelines for PP are that it is imperative that you seek professional help.  I'm assuming your doctor is checking on you and monitoring you.  That you are pregnant again makes it tricky in terms of medication.  Risk to benefit is always analyzed in these situations.  If your doctor is not aware of the psychosis, please reach out right away and tell them.  I'm glad that your hallucinations and things you are hearing are not scary at this point or causing severe issues it sounds like but even being distracted by it as a young mother is troubling.  And I would sincerely hate for it to all of a sudden careen out of control into a dark area for you.  So, definitely speak to your doctor right away and don't be afraid to do so.  You may need to be referred to a pernatal psychiatrist.  Or a psychiatrist that specializes in woman's health.  We do have this in my area and it is a subspecialty that is growing.  They are uniquely trained to help in situations like yours and I think it is really important to seek that help hon.  

Also, do make your family aware of what is going on so they can support you and also moniter the sitatution for everyone's well being.  peace and hugs, it's hard!  I'm here is you need to talk or if I can help in any way.  
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Hey im looking for some advice on postnatal deppresion as i think i may have it my son is now 6 weeks old and for about 2 weeks iv gone from crying 1 min and like the snap of a finger really angery but not with kids or newborn with my self
I went through the same thing, and I'm still struggling with this one. I went to my PCP and she referred me to a psychotherapist that prescribed me Zoloft. It mellowed out my mood swings and calmed down the thoughts of suicide. Also, if you are breastfeeding, you can still take it with no risk to your baby. Hope this helps....
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Hi, I just had a baby too she is 3 weeks today. I was starting to feel the post partum but what really helped me and I'm not making this up, was listening to Christian music, praying, and going to church. Hearing that God loves me and getting uplifted is what snapped me out of it. It sounds like it's not capable but it really does help. Cry out to God he hears you and wants to help you. I will be praying for you and remember Jesus loves you and he cares for what you're going through and wants to heal you.. God bless you
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Hi my son is 11 weeks and I tend to get mad all the time, not at him but at other things. It seems like I get mad at things that should affect me but it does. I tend to get mad, irritated at every one
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my son is 3 weeks and i wanna know if anyone feels upset about not being pregnant anymore ? I feel so upset especailly when see a pregnant women i get jealous in a way, am happy to have my baby but i miss feeling his little kicks and i know i sound nuts but i also miss my big belly , is this happening to anyone else?
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