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Sad after birth

I just had my baby on the 30th and I have a 3 year old daughter with autism,the baby is really good he only cries when dirty or hungry, Im a single  mom. I feel so sad n alone I was fine till yesterday the sadness just came out of nowhere.
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I've heard from quite a few friends that the week after giving birth can be a nightmare for your hormones as they are all trying to get back to 'normal', so don't feel too disheartened. Our bodies have done remarkable things during pregnancy and it takes time to readjust.  A sudden surge in emotions is very common.  Of course you should anyways try talking to a friend or someone who can relate. Just remember you are not alone and you are not a bad person for having these feelings.
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Thank you so much for your kind words I really appreciated
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Hi. First of all congratulations on your new born baby. Second, post partum depression is quite common. Just like the first post said, hormones dropped very suddenly after giving birth and since those hormones were like happy hormones, the fall can be brutal. If you had a happy pregnancy (where you were feeling well and happy), the risk of developping post partum depression is even higher. Know that you are not alone in your situation and do not feel embarassed to talk to people about it. Some might judge you, saying you should not be sad because you just had a baby. Know that they do not know what they are talking about and avoid them for a few days. Talk to professionnels, close friends and family who are there to support you. But do not be embarassed to feel the way you feel. And know that those feeling won't last forever. Good luck :)
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Hi sweetie Congratulations on your baby! I'm sorry u are feeling sad, like they said its common for sadness to develop after giving birth.  You are strong for standing up to it and should not feel embarrassed. Many women are in need of some help during and after pregnancy, it takes a brave and courageous woman to seek help. You can do it I promise.
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Hi... Congrats on your baby... I just had my son that day as well...

So, I don't have a child with autism but have dealt with them thru child care so I do know a little something about what you are dealing with there and as far as the new born as well... My new born is my child #5 by the way...

What these ladies have expressed with you is very true and I just wanted to also share my support and tell you my experience... I think you should talk to someone and never let no one go against your better judgement... When that happens it makes cases with depression (postpartum especially) worst... I have suffered from postpartum after my 3rd child... I called my birth mother first looking for help and she said "well yea it started with your first child and you didn't really have a break once you had your second... But you're okay and alright... You don't need help it will get better"... Before I knew it I had hung up in her face because I knew I wasn't alright... I didn't feel alright and my thoughts weren't alright... So I called my godmother and said the same thing to her... She told me the same thing my birth mother said except instead of saying I was alright and I didn't need help, she told me the exact opposite... She said "you do need help and you need to find someone to talk to besides me... Look on your insurance card and see if they have a help line or mental help line..." Postpartum is not easy to deal with but it can be dealt with... Not all situations lead to medication, sometimes just being able to talk to someone helps... I know from this pregnancy I want to keep an eye on it because I was depressed throughout the whole thing... So I'm taking precautions to keep myself from going to the same place I was 5 years ago...

You are going to be okay but do get some help to make sure you stay ok... Not just for you but for your babies as well... Happiness is within those blessing that God has given you...
Again congrats and best wishes to you...
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Thank you ladies, NY pregnancy was a hard one not health wise but mentally, the father of my child tried to kill me because I wouldn't have an abortion, he choked me with a cable I past out so he left the house he thought he killed me, I'm already on therapy, I was fine not sad at all I was scra red the whole time but once I had the baby I been sad, lonely and depressed, I still have to go to court. Hopefully he willl get his sentence already
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I'm so sorry to hear (read) that... I hope he gets what's coming to him and I hope you get peace of mind... It will get better...
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Thank you  starresky, I hope so too
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Congratulations firstly! And sorry about what happened with the baby's dad.

I had my little boy on 20 Oct 2015, after a hard pregnancy with pre-eclampsia as well as depression, so kinda expected postpartum depression; and yes I did get it, very badly! At one point I told my mother I don't think I want any more children, because I just can't do this, it was all to much! I was constantly in tears and if it wasn't for the fact that I had to get up for my son I probably wouldn't have gotten up at all! It felt like it was never gonna end!
I did get help and I am on meds, and it took time, but I feel better. I'm not 100% okay, but a lot better! So much so that we are thinking of having more children.
Sorry for the long story but my point is it will eventually get better again, especially if you get professional help! Hang in there, and take it one day, heck one hour if needed, at a time! Be patient with yourself, you have been through a lot!
Good luck and God bless!
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Thank you 5Nov I appreciate you sharing ur situation, yes one hour at a time sounds like the way to go !!! God bless you too
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