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Infertile? Implantation? HPV??

Hello, my name is Melissa T & I am requesting a prayer for me, & my loved ones .. & everybody I know..

I need this because I think I might be infertile, & I'm terribly scared ..
I've been pregnant before but my fetus 's heart stopped beating & I had to get an involuntary abortion .. & I think that happened for a reason .. And that reason I am assuming was because I was in a bad relationship, that lead to domestic violence ..

Honestly, it's been quite a while since I haven't been to church ..
Even though my mother insists me & my new boyfriend come .. But I hope I will soon have the courage to step into a church .. But I strongly believe ..
Well I need this prayer because I don't want to be infertile & I'm bleeding .. But I'm pretty sure it's not my period..
My last period was Nov. 22- Nov. 27 .. But my period has been very irregular & I've noticed that I get my period & then it goes away for 2 months .. I am making an appointment for next week maybe Wensday, because I won't be able to make it in these days because if financial issues .. But I pray to God that I am still fertile & not too late .. I will pray for anybody & everybody .. But I think I deserve a second chance to conceive .. A child is a beautiful blessing sent from the heavens above & I love being pregnant .. I love the thought of being stuck at home with a newborn .. But until my appointment I will be worried about my health ..
Thank you & God bless all ..
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Sorry this may have come late. But I guess prayer never comes to late. I am praying for you and God works miracles. Many women in the bible struggled with pregnancy but was blessed with a child. I know this will happen for you too. Just believe and trust that no matter what all things are possible through God.

As for your fight to find strength to go to church. I strongly recommend going. I feel like it has truly saved and helped me. May God be with you...
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i'll pray for you just trust God for you breakthrough
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