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Prayer Please

My wife just lost a very young member of her family to a tragic accident yesterday. Please pray for her and her family it is a very very tragic loss and everyone inthe family needs to hear from the Lord to help comfort them.

Thank you

Dear Lord please watch over my wife, my family and her family after the tragic accident yesterday. The entire family could benefit to hear from you soon to help comfort them in the time of loss. Amen.
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Seek God and u will recieve..
Ask  guidance and comfort from Him and he will responde..He always do..

My todays prayer will include your family  asking for comfort to that loss..

Sorry for your loss..
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It has been my lot to be chastened by affliction, which has had a softening and subduing influence, removing enmity from my heart, and filling it with sympathy and love. My life of bereavement, pain, and suffering has not been without precious revealings of the presence of my Saviour. I have lost my brother and I believe that my eyes have been attracted to the heavens that shine in beauty above us; I have obtained glimpses of the eternal world and of the exceeding great reward. When all has seemed dark, there has been a rift in the clouds, and sunbeams from the throne have dispersed the gloom. God would not have any of us remain pressed down by dumb sorrow, with sore and breaking hearts. He would have us look up to catch the rainbow of promise, and reflect light to others.

The blessed Saviour stands by many whose eyes are so blinded by tears that they do not discern Him. He longs to clasp our hands firmly, while we cling to Him in simple faith, imploring Him to guide us. It is our privilege to rejoice in God. If we will let the comfort and peace of Jesus into our lives, we shall be kept close to His great heart of love. But the Lord has been my Counselor, and the Lord will give you grace to bear your bereavement.
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