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Prayers too

I really couldnt figure out where to post this but I need advice and some prayers too....

In March of this year my 17 yo son was almost killed in an explosion ,he was of course severly burned and spent 2 months in the ICU at the burn unit in phoenix az. I was gruelling and horrible to see everyday what he went through. There were days I'd stand by his side be supportive and tell him it was ok..then excuse myself at some point and go out side and puke or just fall apart. I would gather myself up and never let him see me falter. After ICU he had a month of inpatient therapy then 3 months more of outpatient. He is amazingly ( and thanks to God)  doing well. i have recently however started having horibble dreams( nightmares) and flash backs of it all. The tiniest thing can trigger it ...seeing fire on tv , fire trucks ( he was a week from graduating the fire academy), even someone just asking how he is doing ..I feel as it is the day I got the call.i picture it in my head, feel that sick feeling in my stomach. Im sure it is a grief process or something . Just  looking for advice from someone who has had someone , partuclarly a child injured or lost one.Thanks in advance ..God Bless
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Im sorry for your suffering, I dont have any experiance with this , but Ill be on my knees for you .hope things get better for you both. GOD BLESS you.
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im sorry to hear that...i cant even imagine what you went through i think maybe you should see a counselor and talk bout it more. i know that dreams haunt you and it hurts cause they do seem real. i cant imagine how you must feel seeing your son like that i think it would be best to see a counselor and get help though...
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I think they have a PTSD forum on here. It sounds like you're suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which happens many times after suffering an extreme tragedy. It can be hard to shift our minds back to normal life again after something like that happens. I think it's a good idea to see a counselor for awhile, too, to help you through this time.
God bless you. I'm so glad you're son is doing better. Prayers and blessings,
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Thank you...:)  I will take a look at the ptsd forum...
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I pray that you and your family will get through this time and return to good health.  I know how difficult it can be to go through the stress after such a traumatic event.  I too wonder if you have PTDS.  I've been through it and think it's good advice too, to see someone who can help you through this.  When something happens to our children our heart bleeds and we forget that we have to take care of ourselves as well.  Hugs, Charley
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