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What is your favorite Christian Song?

Regardless of what religous denomination we all are, do you have a favorite Christian song?  I'm Catholic and I have several, but "On Eagles Wings" reminds me of my mom, and "Ave Maria" can make me cry. There is also, "Here I am Lord", which I sing all the time. What is your favorite Christian Song (All religious beliefs and songs are welcomed). Judy
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I love the old hymn "At The Cross" my grandmother used to sing it to me all the time.  Other than that I have alot of favorites.  "East to West" by Casting Crowns, "Shout to the Lord"  I can't forget "The Old Rugged Cross"  all of these songs make me cry...in a good way!  What a great subject to bring up.  I am singing away to myself now...LOL
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I love "Shout to the Lord" song. It makes me want to get up, sing and praise God....thanks for sharing :)
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Hi Judy.  How wonderful to meet some sisters in Christ!  I am brand new here, and waiting for some insightful replys to the first question I just posted.  I am a prayer warrrior, and definately will pray for everyone on here requesting such!  I spent some quality time alone with the Lord in prayer this evening.  I was outside, in the dark, with the magnificent starry sky above me.  I felt a dramatic shift in my own demeanor immediately following!  God is good all the time, and all the time God is good!
I listen to K LOVE all the time and I love anything by Casting Crowns, Third Day, Mercy Me and Chris Tomlin.  Have you ever heard "So Long Self"?  Excellent, excellent song!  You can pick up K LOVE on the internet, if it is not broadcast in your area.  Hook up on the web, and you can find out if they broadcast near you...it is KLOVE.COM.
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Thank you for your wonderful response and how blessed you are to spend quality, private time with God. He so loves  you for it. I will definately check out KLOVE.com!

I am opened to new Christian music and appriate the information. Let's all continue to be prayer warriors for each other also and thanks again for the info....God bless, Judy
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I just saw this room and I love it...I invite all to come visit the room I started called. By the Blood of Jesus, it is for Christians and anyone anting to know more about Jesus..now to this question, I hope I can pit more then 1

1. Revelation song..sung by Kari Jobe
2 I can only Imagine...Mercy Me
3.Revelation...Third Day
4.Healing Rain..Micheal W Smith
5.I am Free....Hillsong

there are so many more..I just love to listen and sing praise and worship songs to the Lord......God Bless...brian
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It's great to hear from a Christian man's perspective and welcome!!!

I will definately check out your forum and thanks for sharing some of your favorite songs with us. I was inspired last night to heart my favorite song, "On Eagles Wings" and I hope I will continue to be inspired in prayer and in thought for our Lord Jesus Christ through all of you.....God bless, Judy
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I personally tend to lean more towards the Christian Rock songs and my favorite of them is "All Around Me" by Flyleaf. Flyleaf isn't a completely Christian band but they have some Christian songs and "All Around Me" is one of them and i just love the song, it's completely rock but uplifting and spiritual at the same time. :)
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Oh and I also LOVE Ave Maria too, it's one of my favorite in church songs! One year during our Christmas Mass they brought in a special musical group for Christmas and the singer who sang Ave Maria was absolutely amazing and actually made me cry it was such a powerful rendition of the song. But that's also on the top of my list too Judy!
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Oh and I love the song "The Prayer",  I Iike the version with Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli, it's just so moving and beautiful!

Sorry keep adding to my list lol
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Hello New to the group. Some of my favorite songs:

1. Only grace- Mathew west
2. Beautiful- Bethany Dillon
3. Let your light shine- Bethany Dillon
4. Me and Jesus- steller kart
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A few of my favorite songs are
"What a day that will be be"
Casting Crowns..."Who am i"
"Take my hand Precious Lord"
I am so glad to see that there is a place for all of us brothers and sisters to be able to talk one another and praise our Heavenly Father.God Bless,Chan
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Thank you all for sharing and I'm so happy that we can all unite for Almight God in praise and uplifting songs!

Mego..Andrea Borcelli is one of my favorite's

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One more thought....take a moment in your day and sing one of your favorite Christian songs, you will make God smile and tap his feet and you will feel good :)
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I love alot ,but my top 2 are in the garden and Jesus.
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Welcome and "Thank you" for sharing!
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I just found this question and hope I am not to late to put in my vote.  The main problem is I do not always have the author right or te exact name of the song.  I like "The Chimes Of Time" by Elvis Presley.  It talks about someone slipping and falling and was that someone you.  I rededicated my life to Christ when I was listening to that song.
I also like the song " I can only imagine"  I also tend to sing alot of and really enjoy them are the songs "Jesus Loves Me" and "Jesus Loves the little children of the world."
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