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in need of a prayer

is anyone out there willing to pray for me and my children?  I am a single mom who has been having a extremely difficult time dealing with life right now - each day I would rather die than take on another day.  I just feel hopeless.  I want to feel as though God is there for me but my depression gets the best of me and all I can do is cry.  I am disabled due to my depression, I stay home all day while my kids are in school, I have no money and I have no friends.  I am 48 and pretty much feel as though I am a loser.  I wish to God I was a better person and could give my children so much more.  Please pray for me - that I feel better and that some how some way - my life changes in a way that I feel better - happier so I have the will to move on!

Thanks so much
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sorry that god and support seem distant!
praying for you now.
god knows all our stuff.
depression is extremely disabling.
if you have access to podcasts, look for "ourprayer"... and many others,
they help me a bit.
may we have rest from the christ our creator.
keep your eyes on god and on heaven...
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So sorry to hear your situation. I will pray for you and your children. My mom is bipolar so I know what depression can do to a family. There are plenty of prayer lines out there they are what help my mom sometimes. God never is distant he may seem it but he is always carrying you through your situations. You just have to find your joy in life and let nothing pull you from it. Praying for you and always here if you need to talk.
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Hi debbiesue65 and also hi acker & Kimberly.

It's been a while since I posted here, but here I am now.

Maybe prayers do get answered and we don't even seem to pay attention sometimes to take notice.

We are all here because...
You see, God is within all of us and also everywhere we see, everywhere we go and everywhere we can imagine!

By staying connected to our Source (God) and understanding that His Power is everywhere, we can tap into His Power.

Who is able to dispute the fact that we are here because there's a plan,
a master plan, which our "molded" intellect cannot hold?
Either you know, or you don't and if you don't know, and then this is fine,but it does not constitute grounds for disputing the existence of this master plan. It is very simple. You just don't know.

Don't let your thinking temporarily create doubt, apprehension, disbelief,
because this is the exact cause of disconnecting from the Source, thus losing the connection to His Power.

Debbie Sue, reconnect to His Power, despite your pain & suffering, accept
it as lessons learnt and move toward your Higher Purpose.

Your education will pay off and you will soon realize that there are explanations for what you have gone through, you will deal with it better, as you are stronger than what you think and you have some very strong allies
along the way. You have no idea. I can understand.

The suffering has humbled you and you are a better person. Lesson learnt,
as I mentioned earlier.
Now there's a voice inside you. Please don't ignore it. It is the spark to light up your Life!
"God is love, and whoever abides in love abides in God, and God abides in her".
Fear and love occupy the same space inside us and where there's God (love) there's no room for fear!

Kimberly (UnsureMS) , we have exchanged on this in the past. Remember?

Fill in your heart with love, accept and make friends with depression (yes
keep your friends close and your enemies closer!)

I did this with my excruciating stabbing pains and my anxiety attacks in my younger days. I ended up diminishing them by totally endorsing them, and soon after they no longer had me.
Making an intentional positive association with everything around me, became part of my life after the initial mind chatter/critic stage.
Gloomy gray days had a romantic aspect to them, a shouting boss was actually a person crying for help(with a mask), a street worker was just a tough face of a vulnerable inner child who needed real love and support.
Any pain was now information that something was off and needed attention.
I'm thankful for Mr Eaton, my English Teacher, who appeared to be the most strict and mean teacher ever, yet he was fair and helped me earn my Certificate in English Language.
I'm grateful for my younger brother who passed, who was mentally and physically challenged and often a "pest", but nonetheless taught me  extreme patience, acceptance and understanding.
My two nearly fatal accidents, both NDEs, which helped me see the Light,
despite the extreme suffering, are responsible to a great degree for who I have become as a person today.

You too and everyone of us has stories to tell and in the end, it is up to us
to make the right choices in our hearts, so the next chapters in our lives will have a meaningful and happy conclusion.

God bless. Love & Light.

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