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1 positive 2 negative pregnancy tests.

I've barely had periods for over 6 years. Went on tablets to induce periods and had 1 cycle. Ever since I've had periods on my own (3) my ovulations tests have been faint but there. My last period was barely anything and last a few days, I was supposed to be ovulating yesterday but did a random pregnancy test today which has a faint second line. But 2 other didn't. I'm so confused. It's not out of date (surprisingly it's the cheaper one positive and clear blue negative) my next periods not due for 15 days. Any advice ?
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Hmmmm, AF being 15 days is way to early to test for pregnancy. but i understand your concern if you got a faint line on one test then 2 negatives. It could of just been a faulty test although not out of date. You could wait a few days and retest or just no bother at all and wait n see if AF shows up in 15 days. When was your last cycle and how long did it last? Do u normally use OPK's to check for LH surge? Do you know around when u do ovulate since your cycles have become more regulated and do you think you may of had sex around that time during your cycle? Its very possible that if you are indeed pregnant the cheap test was more sensitive than the other 2 you took.
Hope I've helped and good luck to you
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I have the same thing I took four dollar test all dark positive then I got three negative later at night so weird am I or not Soo confused
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There is no such thing as false positive but there can be a false negative. Good luck to all of you girls. Take care and stay healthy for your baby.
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