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1st Doctor's Appointment....UPDATE

Hey Girls!! I havent posted in awhile but wanted to update everyone and ask a quick question. I FINALLY got to see my doctor today. Based on all the calculators online I put myself at 11 weeks tommorow based on my LMP. My doctor says I'm only 10 weeks based on my LMP. So not sure exactly, anyway, during the initial exam he said everything looked good, my cervix was closed and blueish (which is the normal color during pregnancy I guess). The thing that threw me off was he said my uterus feels about 7-8 weeks! I dont understand? He says everything looks fine though, my last pregnancy turned out to be molar so he scheduled an ultrasound tommorow, but I dont think I will get the results back until my follow-up next week, because the technichian isnt allowed to say anything about the ultrasound to me because they're not my doctor. Does this sound ok to everyone?? Do you think he was just off on measurements? why would I be measuring smaller than I should be? I'm trying not to stress, but, because of the last pregnancy I feel so scared something will be wrong again. Thanks for any help.
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Hey Hun!
Glad to hear everything is going well and your finally into your doctor! Must have felt like an eternity!.....I wouldnt worry about the "measuring" smaller....My doctor said I was measuring 7-9 weeks when I was only 3-4 weeks LOL and my now its completley normal , so I think they just sometimes mis-judge! I wouldnt even put anything into account until you get the ultrasound results , which im sure are FINE :)....Thanks for keeping in touch hun and let us know how the ultrasound goes :) YAY!
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Hey hun! I got my ultrasound today and they werent allowed to tell me anything or at least thats what they said, but, then when they were doing it they ended up letting me see my jellybean!!! This pregnancy is NOT molar again,thank god!! they said I have a vital 11 week baby with a good heartbeat (171, averaging 169). Which is GREAT NEWS!! It was so amazing to see my baby wiggling around flapping their arms!!  :-)  Doing a little dance for mommy.....I was crying...it was so amazing to see!!

But, possible bad news, later today when i went home thinking everything is great, I got a call from my doctor saying they saw the ultrasound results, and they said they want me to (as a precaution) see a specialist next friday. I guess they think possibly my placenta might be embeded into my uterous more than it should be. Its called, Placenta Accreta! Now I'm so scared, I dont know whats going on. I hope and pray everything will be ok with my baby and me. Theres a chance its nothing my doctor said, wont really know more until next Friday. Will keep you all updated.
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oh princesss just when you think it is all good and happy they spring this on you. keep thinking positive and wait to see what the specialist says. it will be a hard long wait for you and i will be thinking of you. fingers crossed and keep us updated.....
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Thanks so much hun, I really appreciate the support. I will keep you updated.
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Again , easier said than done , but try not to worry! Just think positive! and maybe re-search the condition so that if in fact you do have it , you know what to do , what precautions to take and such.....if your better prepared for something like this , it might make it easier , and although you'll go crazy with worry im sure , it will help settle any fears if your well educated.....I hope it all turns out well though! Your in my thoughts & prayers hun! :)
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I saw the specialist on Friday and she says its still too early to tell if I have that and wants to see me monthly until they find out for sure. She says dont worry about it for now though. But, other than that possibility everything looks great!!! She says my baby looks fantastic and is developing great!!! I'm so happy!!! Also, at my next appointment she says if the baby is cooperating they should be able to tell us our baby's gender. Woo-Hoo!!! We're so excited!!   :-)

Thank you everyone for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers, I appreciated it so much.

4 more days and I'm 13 weeks.........yipppeee......2nd trimester!!!

I know you girls are about 4-6 weeks farther along than me, have you felt the baby kick yet?
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Thats GREAT to hear everything is going well! :) The specalist sounds awesome & its gotta be kinda re-assuring to see her every month , so just look at it as a positive :) YAY! for finding out the gender! heres hoping your little bean will let you guys get a good look!....Are you hoping for boy or girl?

Your 2nd trimester will FLY by! Its insane how fast this whole pregnancy thing happens lol.....Im 18 weeks , so in 2 weeks im half done my pregnancy and that seems insane! Im sure the last like 3 months when im HUGE & uncomfy it will go by slooooww LOL.....I started to feel the baby around 16 weeks , not kicking , just rolling and twitching , the last few days its been kicking really lightly right under my belly button LOL....its neat! Its SOO active at night , I stay awake super late just to enjoy feeling it!

Thanks for keeping us updated :) YAY for 2nd trimester! You should post ultrasound pics soon if you havent already :)
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Hey hun! I just want a healthy baby, I will be so happy either way, but I got a feeling my little bean is a boy  :-)    but when I have dreams the baby is always a girl. My hubby swears its a girl   :-)

I cant wait to start to feel the baby.....I'm so excited!!

I will try to post some ultrasound pictures, I got 8 of them on Friday plus a video of the whole ultrasound. One picture is my absolute favorite where the baby is sucking their thumb.....its so cute!!!
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i understand your worries, but if the doctors are on top of it (which it sounds like they are) than you will be fine.  the will monitor your situation closely and hopefully catch any problems before they get serious.  before you know it, you will be holding your little bundle of joy in your arms!  

you sound just like me!  i swore my baby was a boy!  just had the feeling...all of the online old wive's tale tests told me girl, i had lots of girl symptoms, AND, like you, in my dreams it was always a girl.  but, i still said boy!  so did the chinese chart.  but, according to the sonogram tech, it's a girl!  yay!!!!  i think you are having a girl too.  the dreams seem to tell the truth in all situations i have heard...   plus, what a high heartbeat!  i know people say that you can't tell by the heartbeat and there are many exceptions, but i still look at that as a clue.  my little girl has a high heartbeat.  let us know what happens!  can't wait to see your pics!  my baby is a thumbsucker too :-)
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Hey! Your daughter's heartbeat has always been high too? I wondered if that was true or not. Were so excited to find out, I'm counting down the days until we go for the next ultrasound, hopefully our little bean will be cooperating. I want to start getting stuff for our baby but want to know if were having a boy or girl first.
I will keep you updated, next appt. with the specialist is on the 9th.
I tried scanning the ultrasound pictures and the scanner wouldnt work so I need hubby's help, hopefully I will get them on in the next couple days.    :-)
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i think that there are many exceptions to the rule, but in my case, my baby girl's heartbeat as been 150-155.  as soon as we found out she was a girl, people started loading us with the most adorable pink things!  i can't believe how much i love her already!!!  

i look forward to seeing the pictures!  and i am so excited to hear if it's pink or blue!  so exciting!!!  oh no, may 9th i leave for florida!  i will have to wait a week to hear the news!!  

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hey hun!! Just wanted to let you know I finally got my 12 week ultrasound picture up   :-)
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Its a GIRL!!!!! Went to see the specialist today for my 16 week scan and found out were having a little girl!!!!!   :-)    
Her heartbeat was 155 which is good and she is developing great they say!!!!   :-)

I'm so happy shes doing good!!!!!
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YAY! Congrats on the girl! Thats awesome!!.....Im so excited for you!!........Im wondering if its a sign mines a girl since the heartbeat has always been in the 150's....I hope so!!.....Have fun buying pink stuff!!! and thanks for keeping us updated! :) Any names now that you know its a girl?
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Hey hun!

Ha Ha   I've already picked out a few things.....all pink!!!   :-)  

I'm so excited!! We have a name picked out. Karin Marie (its not pronounced the way it looks though, like karen). It sounds real pretty when you say it. I was so excited to announce were having a girl, I forgot to say the other good news. Remember earlier they thought my placenta looked abnormal? Well the specialist said today it looks really good and exactly the way it should look, that maybe they just scanned me too early. So she doesnt think I have Placenta Accreta, which is great news too!!! She still wants to see me monthly though, which is ok because I get an ultrasound monthly and get to see my little girl  :-)
When are you going to find out your babies gender? Or are you going to try to wait?
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We arent going to find out , we decided to be suprised , im almost positive its a girl though , constant dreams of a girl , all the old wives tales & such say girl , heartbeat is in girl range , girl cravings lol......We'll see though :P......I love the name you've picked , its pronounced Ka-rin right? my sisters name is Keron so its kinda similar!.....I wanna buy pink stuff so badly lol.....I bought a few pink items jsut in case but mostly all yellows & greens & blues.....Trying to keep it gender neutral lol.........Glad to hear that there are no issues with your placenta! thats awesome & an ultrasound a month is a good deal! :) hehe glad to hear everythings going so well! keep in touch!
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thats fabtastic news!! congrats on the girl and on the fact that everything is going well. so good to hear. my little ones heart beat was 155 as well but with y 2 girls they were both in the 170s. so i was thinking this would be a boy but maybe not hey. is your name like car - en. my sisters name is pronounced like that but spelt karynn. it is an unusual name if thats the one. i have only ever met her with that name. beautiful though. my sister gets karen all the time but she does correct them. anyway glad to hear all is well!!
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its pronounced like keeks said, Ka-rin   :-)
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