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Am I pregnant or not

Ok so we been trying to get pregnant for about 6 months now. My AF has become regular for the past 5 months and now all of a sudden I'm 1 week late. Here are my symptoms. Extreme fatigue and hunger. It feel like I have a whole in my stomach even though I ate 2 hours before. I started using the bathroom a lot since 9 dpo. I do not have sore breast which are normal before Af. That's weird. Just a little tingle here and there but nothing to bad. I started cramping at 6days late but still no AF and guess what I tested 4 times already and still bfn
I also started getting dizzy and have a metallic taste in my mouth at 6 days late. Like nothing taste good to me.. I do not crave for sneakers bar anymore and when I eat it I do not finish it. So my question is am I just testing early my partner says that I am pregnant just wait till next week and make an appointment with my doctor.
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