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Any original posters pg again?!

Hi Ladies!!!  

I was wondering if Keeks, Krissyy, Princesska, anyone who's had their baby, if they are pregnant again!

I am not, sorry have possibly excited anyone.  :D  

What are you all using for birth control?  I am on the POP, or minipill.  HOping it will do the trick until Daniel is at least 18 mos old.  Also breastfeeding exclusively still (pumping at work).  I will do that until Daniel is 6 months, then will start to introduce some solids.  

I haven't had a cycle yet (yay!!!! no mess!) but am wondering when it will show up again.  

I would love to hear from you ladies!

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*bump*  apparently not. lol  :)
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Hi Ladies!!!!  

I am off of the pill but not trying to conceive.  I am bf my 8 1/2 month old and still have yet to have a period.  This month however, I've had lots of cramps and different cm again.  Not sure if I've ovulated or am gearing up for the big O or return of the witch.   :O)  Who knows?  
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Hey hun :) Im still here , not pregnant either though LOL
I cant believe your still nursing thats awesome :) Im proud of you! I wish I could have nursed longer but Rylen gave it up at 4 months :(
Im on birth control - ortho tricylen...Ive had to switch my pills 3 times since Rylen though because I was on too high a dose , then too low & now it seems to be a bit better...got my 1st REAL like normal period in almost 15 months...sucked SO badly LOL
We are thinking of trying again probably next christmas , Rylen will be just over 2 so it seems like a good time :) Im still not quite ready to be pregnant yet , I feel like I just got myself back...Im still on anti-depressants for PPD so I want to give myself as much time as possible to get back to my old self and what not before trying again , although i will admit I have BAD baby fever , there are days where I want another one SO bad but I know its for the best if we wait & and spend as much one on one time with Rylen while we can :) We also just got a puppy so shes kinda my baby for the time being :) shes a little shitzu-bichon , shes SO cute :) & shes just like having a baby in many ways LOL
Daniel must be getting so big now :) Hows he doing??....hows he doing with solids & stuff?....Does he have many teeth?? I cant believe hes gonna be a year soon too....gosh the time goes by so fast :(
I hope when we all decide to TTC again we can find our ways back here & go through it together again :)
Hope your doing well Kati and feel free to msg me on facebook if you ever need to talk :) I'd love to get updates on Daniel & such! :)
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Hi Keeks!!!!!!!!!
I just saw your message today (well of course).  lol.  So  Yeah, I'm suffering from bad baby fever as well...and Daniel just turned 9 months the 4th.  :P  I think Daniel needs a baby brother!!!  ;)
So don't sweat it, I'm on antidepressants too.  Have been since I was 17 though...but I'm on a very low dose one.  I think if I get prego soon (not trying to) I'll go off of them for the 1st trimester like I did with Daniel.  
Anyways, Daniel is well.  He just got antibiotics a week ago for bronchitis which he got from a relative at Thanksgiving.  He's not quite through them yet, but for some reason he fights me when I give them to him, but Daddy can do no wrong and he takes it like a champ from Daddy, lol.  He is having some deep chest coughs still, but it's a good sign the cr*ap is leaving his system.  
Daniel is eating some solids but not a ton yet.  I give him one meal a day of food stuff and a snack or two.  He is still primarily breastfed.  You know what though?  I ended up with a CS, so I really wanted to breastfeed at least.  It was super hard at first, he kept nipping me all the time.  I got help from a local lactation consultant group here in town, and they figured out that my letdown reflex was too strong and kind of making him sputter and choke on the amount of milk that was coming out.  they advised me to lay down to feed him, and that fixed most of the problem.  I went through 2 months of very painful feedings before it stopped hurting.  Daniel surprisingly has no teeth yet!  :D  good for momma!!!!!   He's trying to cut his bottom two, drooling all over all the time, but they keep going back down after they come up again.  
I am going to let my hubby get a puppy once my 17 1/2 year old cat dies.  She's the only pet I've ever had..  :D  She is still very much alive, so it may be awhile.  Your puppy sounds so adorable.  We like the longer haired dogs, like the spitz and keshonden breeds.  Isn't a bichon a long haired breed?  They look kind of like bears, right?   ;)  
I had tried a few different types of hormonal birth control, but none worked well for me.  I was on the mini pill for 4 months, then a combined pill for about 1 1/2 weeks, and then I stopped for 2 months.  Then on Friday I went to the dr and they had me try nuvaring.  Yeah, that didn't go well...I took that sucker out yesterday and chucked it!  I had a nonstop headache since putting it in and also worse abdominal cramps!  I was really hoping that one would be good too.  I guess I'm just really sensitive to extra hormones.  :P  phooey.

I will for sure come back to Baby Dust when I am pregnant again!  
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not sure that I am an original but I wanted to post this to someone!!
I think I might be pregnant, we were away visiting my inlaws andn did the dead....then after we had been home for a few days my hubby was like what is wrong with you, your so emotional and moody. Then he was like the last time you were like this you were pregnant. I then went to look at my chart and realized we literally had sex the day I used to ovulate....of course I have only had 2 periods since Brielle so I dont know if that day is still the same and lazy me didnt check my temps. :( anyways he had pulled out but after asking him sid some may have gotten out. At first I was freaked out Brielle would only be 18 months, then we both got used to the idea and actually had sex again and he didnt pull out. Sorry TMI.
anyways I guess I am in the 2 week wait and its driving me NUTS~~ its killing me not to test and I know its to early. I felt really crapy a few days after the deed and do remember that from Brielle, but you know myabe its all in my head. I have cramps today...again same as Brielle but maybe those are in my head. I hate not knowing, its the most annoying thing. Someone needs to invent the next day test!! lol.
the thing is too it wasnt "planned" but now we are so used to the idea and we both will be a bit sad if I'm not...wow how things change, we were going to wait till this time next year to ttc... i think if i'm not pregnant we will just start ttc

anyway how is everyone else?
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tested this morning, it was  BFN. af was due today, no sign of her yet! it aint over to the red lady sings!!
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Hkenny, did AF show up???? I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner.  :(

I had my first U/S today and there are 2 babies in there!!!!  Baby A's hb was 170, and was 38.4 mm long.  Baby B's hb was 165 and was 38.3 mm long.  They are about 10 weeks and 4 days along.......  my belly popped yesterday and I'm officially looking prego again, if even it's a tiny tummy.  :)

How is everyone else?
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thats awesome news!!!!!!!!!!! you must be so thrilled!!

no af for me yet, but no bfp either.
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