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Anyone tried Chinese Medicine for a successful pregnancy?


I am 44 years old and sadly I just had a miscarriage about 2 weeks ago.  I really want to try and get pregnant again this time have a health pregnancy and not have to go through the heartbreak of a miscarriage again.  I went to see a Chinese doctor on Thursday and have started a course of acupunture and chinese herbs to help me get my body ready for pregnancy and have a healthy baby.  Seeing him made me feel much more positive about my chances and he didn't treat me like a freak for wanting to have a baby at my age. I know that there are no guarantees and no miracle but I really do feel that this is worth trying.  

Has anyone out there tried this?  I would also welcome any feedback from anyone out there who has an opinion on Chinese medicine and fertility.

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Hi jos!

I, too, am 44, and although I have not embarked on Chinese medicine, I have been thinking about it, and thinking of mentioning it on this forum. I saw a TCM (Traditional Chunese Medicine) practitioner for a consultation and treatment at a health fair in Saskatchewan a couple of years ago. He was not negative in the least about my desire to have a baby in my forties - simply said it was a matter of good health and frequent enough intercourse.

I think one's generall health matters A LOT more in one's 40's when it comes to conceiving. Mother Nature would not want to waste us older ones on risky pregnancies - we have so much knowledge at this point to contribute to our tribe. So, it only makes sens that we're genetically programmed, as older women, ONLY to conceive in fairly ideal circumstances. At least, it seems to work that way. So, TCM aims to boost your general health and wellness in order to achieve pregnancy.

Thanks for posting - I may look up a Chinese doctor.  :-)

I'm almost 41 and I know for sure that TCM (both herbs and acupuncture) were what led me to get pregnant, and still going strong at 12 weeks! The herbs also make me feel so much better, they give me anew lease on life...Acu is also very tension-releasing which is good for an anxious person like me...
I also achieved very good quality eggs with two egg freezing rounds with the help of herbs and acu...
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Hi Wendy,

I totally agree with everything you said and that is exactly the reason that I am trying Chinese medicine.  I feel so much more positive since I have been for my consultation and started with my treatment programme.  I have always found acupuncture an excellent way to relax and get rid of all my stresses and I think this is very important when trying to get pregnant as is a positive attitude and as you say general good health.

I am not going to start trying to get pregnant for 3 months as the doctor said that I need to give my body time to heal after the miscarriage and to give the treatment time to work.  Then I am going to go for it with a positive attitude and hope for the best.

Good luck to you and thank you for your reply.
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my friend is a chinese medicine dr. he often treats women to help balance their body and prepare for pregnancy.

it is not always successful, but definitely helps.
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Hi, I am a huge fan of Chinese medicene. My boss is Chinese and he is always setting up appointments for all of us to get things fixed, his Dr. is wonderful and I prefer not to use medicene whenever possible. Good luck and let me know how it gos!
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I would be curious about this too.  I'm sorry I haven't tried it but I might be very interested in giving it a try.  I'd be curious if anyone has info. linking chinese medicine to sustaining a pregnancy too.
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Thanks for all your comments.  I will keep you posted on how it all goes.  I know that there is no miracle treatment out there but Chinese medicine just seems so down to earth and sensible that it has got to be worth a try.  
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Hi there-I just saw your post.  WE struggled with infertility for years....after our 2nd failed IUI I decided to keep with my specialist but also see an acupunturist.  We did acupunctuire 2-3 times per week and in those next few months we had anohter 2 failed IUI's.  We continued the acupunture and went to IVF.  I am currently 13w pregnant.  We are convinced the acupunture helped tremendously.  My uternine lining before acupunture was 7-when we did IVF it was 11!  That was after 3 months with chinese mediine.  I didn't do herbs bc I was on fertility meds, but I definately would recommend the acupunture.  Best of luck!!
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I believe that TCM helped me a lot. I started 1 week after my m/c, and I had a perfect, beautiful six day period exactly 28 days after my m/c completed. My provider had told me not to expect a period for 6-8 weeks, and that it would be normal to have dark, dried blood in it. It was nothing but fresh blood (sorry TMI)-- even "better" than my usual periods!

I continued with weekly acupuncture and I did conceive less than 3 mos after my m/c. I was also doing other things such as changing my diet/exercise/supplements... but I do believe the acupuncture helped. Once I conceived, I continued with acupuncture for the first 17 weeks of my pregnancy. It was the only thing that gave me any degree of relief from nausea, and who knows? Maybe it helped to sustain this pregnancy. For sure, it gave me a sense of "doing something", which was crucial to my mental health during those 1st 12 weeks when I was basically just waiting to hear the baby's heartbeat and see that s/he was progressing ok.

I did not get to the point of trying very many herbs. I had just started Vitex when I conceived again.
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Thank you everyone for your positvie comments.  It is definately encouraging to read them.  Of course I have my age to contend with but I am trying very hard to be positive without becoming obsessed about getting pregnant.  I feel I am giving myself the best chance by trying TCM.

Good luck to you all and please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.

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I don't know whether this information will be of any help to you, but the first month I tried acupuncture, we have conceived after a year of trying. Sadly, it was a blighted ovum, but still I managed to get pregnant.
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Dh and I are both asian and his grandmother gave birth to his father in her 40's -  she really wanted a son to carry on the family name.  Back in the day before the one child per family rule in China - I'm told alot of women 35+ had babies - there was no birth control , you just had them when you had them.    I've been to chinese doctors in the past for acne and I will caution you that if you do take herbal treatments  - it is not necessarily "good" for you just because it sounds more "natural".  Eg. **** quai is one herb that is not safe for pregnant women.  Some barks and other natural elements have medicinal uses as well.   Do your research first , find out about the doctor,  his credentials - make sure you know what you're taking and its purpose,  educate yourself on how the doctor plans to treat you etc..etc...  I researched a doctor - acupuncturist - who claims she's had success with fertility issues - but, because I'm not into needles - I'm storing her away for plan b ( or plan c) ..... Good luck to those who are trying Chinese traditional medicine - I hope we hear happy stories from you soon !
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There is starting to be a lot of research about the benefits of acupunture and fertility.  I have considered it myself, but it is expensive and my insurance won't pay for it.  I also am leery to get into the herbs and whatnot that they also probably suggest in conjunction with the acupunture itself.  I am always wondering how safe they are, etc. There is research to show that it can help with regulating menstrual cycles which is why I would be interested as my periods have been irregular.  
Good luck with whatever you decide.  If I had the money to spare I would definitely give it a try!
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I had12 pregnancies and 11 miscarriages, so I staring looking to see if any woman  been through the same thing I have and I came across this woman who had the same amount of miscarriages and she lost them at 6 weeks just like me, she said she went to a Chinese dr. who took her pulse and told her she was to dry or wet in the inside and he mixed up some herbal tea for her and the last post she was 18 weeks,
so that encourage me to try  TCM, so I did he took my pulse and said I need to heel the damage tissue from the miscarriages and he gave me some herbal tea, for two weeks and come back wen I get pregnant
so now I'm in tee process of getting pregnant and  praying that it works. good luck to everyone
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