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baby dust 9 was getting rather long, so here we go again. JAMIE-you are going to have a baby in this post!!

how is everyone doing? getting ready for Christmas? I am done all my cards and shopping but now I have to wrap and I hate wrapping!!
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whoo hoo a baby soon....i am soooo excited for you Jamie....what a wonderful gift before christmas.  

i am not even half way done with christmas....the things that have been bought are wrapped though so i guess that is good, but i still have to send out christmas cards, good thing all of them are pretty local (2-3 day delivery) so i guess as long as i get them out by monday...lol

hugs to all hope to hear about a baby soon Jamie....lol
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Yes, hopefully I do have a baby soon..... This whole thing is starting to get annoying though, I have been having lots of mucus coming out (supposedly that is normal), I started going through mild contractions today, and they are just not very fun to be honest, oh and I can't stand because the pressure there is just WAY too much. Man, why can't babies come out quickly instead of taking their sweet time LOL.

Christmas, well not really. I have gotten my decorations up, and what not, but as for shopping not really haven't even started. I never know what to buy people for xmas and I especially don't know what to say when people ask me what I want for christmas either.

Well girls 2 days left to go, and I don't think I will go over my due date too much, so hope to be able to tell you birthing stories here soon.

Hope all you ladies are doing well, Hkenny hope to hear about your U/S and to know what you are having. I say girl, but you never know. I could of swore this one was going to be a boy, but it turns out it wasn't.
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YAY Jamie!!!! Not much longer at all!!!! Sooooooooo exciting! Im sooo sorry your in so much pain though , I remeber how much the pressure hurt & it SUCKED! It will be over soon enough!!! I cant wait to hear how everything goes & see pics of your little princess!!!!!!!!!! Your gonna do great hun!

Joyce ~ Try not to let the hormones get the best of you! I know me & My Fiance used to get on eachothers nerves alot more when I was pregnant , but it all changes after the baby so just keep that in mind & try to find positive things instead of things he doesnt do right ......Its hard though I know lol

Hkenny ~ Hope things are going good hun!! Cant WAIT to find out what your having :)

Quick Update ~ Things on my end are going well , Rylen is getting bigger & changing daily ( updated pics ALL the time on facebook for anyone whos intrested).....Hes sooo smiley & sweet these days , he talks ALL the time , always oohhing & cooing lol......He can hold himself up for quite a while & will be sitting up on his own soon , he can pretty much now but he just falls over LOL....Hes too funny!..........I freakin already got my AF....YEAH 3 months almost to the day since he was born damnit! Im PISSED about it LOL.....I was hoping to hold out for at least another 3 months LOL.....& OMG are the hormones insane with the first AF , I am like crying yet soo mad yet happy LOL Its annoying!.....OMG & talk about hair falling out , I swear im gonna be bald in like a month , its AWFUL .....I would almost go through labor again if it meant I didnt have to deal with my hair falling out so badly LOL......But were good , getting ready for xmas ....lots to do , I did most of my shopping & wrapping , but we still have a few things to get.....We just got a whole whack load of snow & now its like -15 with the windchill so its just solid ice out...***** but we MIGHT get a white christmas , so I wont complain! lol........Anyways hope everyone is doing well :)
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I am going to guess that Jamie has had her baby girl!! cant wait to hear all about it!

I have my ultrasound today and am going to find out what kinda baby this is!! so excited, and upset....my husband cant come b/c of HUGE problems at work. I am devastated. My mom is going to come though.
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well, happy to announce the birth of my baby girl. she was born december 16th at 5:50am, my water broke at 2am, got to the hospital around 3am and was 6cm dilated by that time. they weren't going to give me the epidural due to i was 8cm when i was able to get one around 4ish. but i slowed down, so i got one. then by 10 to 6 am Angel Rose was born weighing 7 pounds 11 ounces , she was bigger then i thought. so yay to 4hr labor. but granted i will not lie.....IT WAS EXTREMELY PAINFUL. i bit my hubby i guess. but got home 8pm the same day and have no after pain , walking normally etc
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Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  4 hour labor!!!  Lucky and painful...  Congratulations to your family and little Angel Rose for being born!
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Congrats Jamie and Family!! 4 hours! I hope I have your luck! Cant wait to see pics of your Angel!
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drum roll please!! IT'S A GIRL!!
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yay ! i was right... congrats!
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Congrats Jamie....so glad to hear you had your little girl, and all is going well...can't believe you were home same day...wow...

hkenny congrats to you on the girl.....i have a feeling it is a trend...ugh, i would love a girl to bits but really after raising my daughter, i would rather have a boy....lol

well i am almost 16 weeks already, and go in for a ultrasound in about 3 weeks...hopefully the little bugger will let us see what it is...went in to ob appt yesterday and the heartbeat sounded strong and according to the doc the little rugrat was moving all over the place kicking the doppler making all kinda of thump sounds...but i barely felt anything...lmao
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just got off of phone w/dr. office Ultrasound is scheduled for Jan 6 at noon....omg i am NOT looking forward to drinking THAT much water....lol.....and holding it..lmao
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Wow Joyce!!!!  You are really coming along!  :)  
Hkenny, a little girl!!!!  :)  That is great.  Do you have any name ideas yet, or are you going to wait on that for awhile?
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katebud- we are looking at names, but are finding it even harder now that we know what it is!!  the middle name will be grace forsure after my mom.
these are some that we are kicking around, tell me what you guys think!

Jordanna Grace Kenny
Elaina Grace Kenny (hubbies mom's name is Elaine)
Eliana Grace Kenny (pronounced Eli Ana)
Julianna Grace Kenny
Juliette Grace Kenny

seems like we like ana names at the end!

joyce- it hurt so bad when I for the u/s they let me pee when I got there thank goodness!! i drank 4 glasses of water and they said to drink 6. there was no way i could drink all 6!!

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i hear yeah iy was painful and they let me empty acup full... that sucked, but was better than nothing
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hkenny- I like Jordanna and Elaina.  :)  I'm sure you are going to have a lot of people telling you what they like though, so pick the one that you can live the most with.  ;)
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if this is a girl....i think i might go with Carol Ann.....what do ya think?  my mom's name was Carolyn...we lost her Sept 04
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joyce- i think thats a great idea, i like when the name has meaning!
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Joyce ~ Cute name! Thats my Grandmas name & Ann is my middle name because of it :)

Hkenny ~ Im SOOOOOOOOOOO excited your having a girl :) Thats awesome! I love Jordanna Grace Kenny thats super cute!!!!! We were thinking Jordyana Gracelynn if we had a girl at one point so maybe im partial LOL Is your Hubby excited for a girl??......My Fiance wants a girl next! Hes already ready for # 2 ....IM NOT! lol

Jamie ~ Hows life with little Angel? I cant wait to see pics! I hope its all going well :)

Katebud ~ Well since Jamie had Angel , YOUR NEXT!!!!!!!! Are you excited for little Daniels arrival? Im SOOOOOOOO excited for you!! Not too much longer :)

Quick Update ~ We have like 3 feet of snow & more on the way so im a little homebound these days lol....Still have a few last minute gifts so I have to try & make it out tommorow  before the next 20cms falls on us.....Its crazy , gorgeous but just crazy lol......Im super excited for Rylens 1st christmas though & a white one at that , We havent had a white christmas since I was 3......Rylens teething BAD , I feel so horrible but the only relief for him is Tylenol the last 2 days , so hes a little dopped up :( He just cries relentlessly & chews on ANYTHING he can stick in his mouth LOL.....Hes almost rolling over , he can get his feet now & then he rolls to one side & tries to roll onto his tummy , he can get it once in a while but it takes a bit of trying......Anyways I hope everyone else is doing well & if I dont make it online before christmas .......MERRY CHRISTMAS! :) Hope all you ladies & your families have a wonderful day :)
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i am glad you like the name keeks....my bf doesnt really care for it, but then again at this point his opinion doesnt count....this relationship is not going to last too long after baby comes and i heal from c-section....he just doesnt know it yet.

things have gotten really bad, he contradicts EVERYTHING i say regardless of who is in the room, he picks and nags at my kids to no end, and he would have left when i told him to LAST weekend but he had no place to go...lol, no job, no license, ect....no friends either.

i just cant take it anymore and so unless things change drastically this is NOT gonna work, i can not handle being soooo unhappy and depressed.

anyhow sorry for the little rant but had to get it off my chest......hugs and luv and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all who celebrate it.
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I posted the pictures finally
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she is soooo beautiful jamie, thank you for sharing
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thank you hun! she is wonderful sleeps all the time
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lol so she is 2 weeks old and was born with a tooth right under her gums and it has broke through now lol
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oh my Jamie....chances are that might fall out early.  but if not, are you breastfeeding?  cause that could hurt...lol

i can not believe it has been 2 weeks already omg....that is so unreal...but then again it wont be long before May is here and i am having my little one....as will hkenny before me.

post some more pics when you get a chance.
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