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Well its great to see some of the orginals back on the forum!! Hopefully Tianna shows up, she had to have had her baby, she was due in February.
Kati- we are all very excited to hear from you and see pictures of Daniel. Hope you are doing well.
Jamie- cant believe Angel is rolling already, it seems strange to me b/c she is so young, I guess once this little girl comes out I will learn alot of baby's and how fast they grow!
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hkenny- in a way she is a little young, but she is like the boys and is quick. SO I should assume within the next 3 months She will be crawling. She can almost sit up by herself now. Next month or the month after she gets to try rice cereal or some blended banana's, I Know at 4 months my boys tried it and loved it. But yes once you have your little girl you will see how fast they grow. I am trying to enjoy her as much as possible because this is my last baby.

Katebud- haven't heard from you in a while still waiting to see pictures of your new baby. If you want you can add me to facebook Jamie Pohl.

Yes TIanna must of had her baby already, its been a month or so. Maybe she won't come back on the site? who knows.
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Congrats to you ladies and your new babies. I wish you all the best!

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Jamie , you can add Kati from my facebook if you want , you can find her on my friends list! Shes got pics of Daniel and hes a CUTIE!....WOW Angels rolling? Thats crazy! Shes a quick one LOL....Rylen started rolling around 4 months .....hes 6 months and can offically sit by himself for long periods of time! Its GREAT now he just needs to hold his own bottle! lol.......How big is Angel now? Have you had her weighed recently?

Hkenny , your little girl will be here so soon! SOOO exciting!....They do grow fast , I cant honestly believe its been 6 1/2 months since Rylen was born or that I was on here telling you all I got my BFP over a year ago.....I wish I could freeze time :(

Armprincess! glad to see you posting :) make sure to stick around
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hey girls! i promise to try and post more often these days! i have been excited to hear all the stories again and be in contact. it makes me a bit clucky again talking about all the babies and pregnancy though. gee my hubby is in trouble lol. it will feel like the good old days soon enough around here with all of us back!!! YAY
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Keeks- I'm here I have been a member on here since last yr I never thought to ask to join the thread but I would love too!!!!

Please add me to the list. I'm 23 wks and 3 days pg with a boy!

Thanks Ladies.......
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Angel is 11 pounds and i don't know how long. But I Know she is going to be tall like her mom she has long limbs. She is 3 months old and has been trying since she was a month and a half to roll over. AWw at 6 months my boys started crawling that is cute.

Armyprincess- congrats to you on your boy!! I have twin boys myself.
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Princess ~ I just read your post on the Baby Dust 12 and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I cant even begin to imagine what you & your family went through!....Thats soooo incredibly scary.....Im SOOOOOOOOOO Happy you & your family are all alright!....Is your house liveable after the fire?....Gosh I cant even imagine...I looked at your pictures & they made me want to cry , It must be so weird seeing everything so dead looking.....I hope your community recovers quickly!.....If you ever need ANYTHING were always here and you can always msg me on facebook too :)........Oh man Ollie is SO cute & your girls are gorgeous!.....Ollie is such a chunky little monkey! I LOVE IT!....He defiently adores the girls you can see it in pictures!.....Super cute!!!!!........Im glad your back , I miss talking to everyone.....It will be at least 3-4 years before I get pregnant again but it never hurts to have people to talk to in the meantime LOL

Armyprincess ~ YAY for boys!.....We have 5 baby boys born to our group......Princess has Oliver ( Ollie) whos almost 7 months , I have Rylen whos almost 7 months , Mandy has Aiden whos around 8 months now I think?.....and Ash has Mason whos around 8 months as well......Then Krissy has a girl whos almost 7 months & Jamie has Angel whos almost 3 months :).....Our friend Tianna also has a baby girl but she kinda went MIA , along with Ashley and Mandy......Baby boys are SOOOO FUN! Have you thought of any names yet or anything??.....So exciting!

Jamie ~ Angels so tiny still! But yeah if shes long that would explain it :)....Shes so cute!!....How are your boys doing? Potty training getting any better??

Hey I know ive asked before but anyone remember the other Princess that used to be around? I THINK she was having a girl ? I wonder where she went.....Its odd Tianna never came back , or Mandy & Ash....Hmmm :(
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She is, but to me she looks big because she just grows every day. She is very ticklish but its funny she doesn't know how to laugh yet, and its cute.
Potty training, Gabriel who was the first twin born is really good some days he will ask to go on the potty lots, other days I Have to make sure I Put him on or he won't go, Jake just doesn't get it, but he asks to go on the potty none the less, so at least he is showing some sort of interest in it. I really hate the whole process of potty training, its just so hard. I Hope Angel will be easier to potty train.
HOw is rylen? I Bet he is getting to be big? haha 3-4 yrs I Said that to after my boys were born, and decided when they were a year and a couple months old that it was time for another one haha. BUt, like I Have said we are totally done now.
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Jaimie and Keeks-  Thank you. I have 3 kids my son is 7 my middle daughter is 6 and my baby is 4 she will be 5 in June. So it's nice we have 2 of each I'm lucky.....This yr is the yr for boys!  Thanks again! Congrats to you that are new moms...

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Keeks- Jeremy Michael is what we decided......
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Jamie ~ I LOVE that stage when they want to laugh SO bad but they dont , their smiles are always the cutest!....Rylen will laugh very rarely but when you can get him too its the CUTEST thing! I had him laughing so hard one night I was crying LOL....But its rare , he knows how but he holds back all the time....little monkey!.....hes HUGE , he was 18lbs 110z at his last appt & 27 1/2 inches long.....Hes so cute though! did you see the baby contest photo's on my FB?....SOOO cute omg!......I hope the boys get potty training down soon! Im sure Angel will be easier as girls usually are in that dept....I want Rylen potty trained by 3 , I HOPE , im gonna start early LOL we already have a potty training book for boys LOL

Armyprincess ~ Your kids have great age differences! They must be so fun especially all being at different stages in life!....So exciting!....What do they all think of the new sibling? are they excited?.....I love the name :) Its adorable! What are your other childrens names?

Jamie we are waiting 3-4 years to have another one because of all the complications from when I was pregnant with Rylen....Its too hard to be on bed rest again or have to worry about going to a hospital in another place when hes still really little....by at least 4 if he has to stay with my mom or something it will be easier & he can understand more....and I want to give my body the best chance to heal itself , I am still sore down there sometimes , and I really did LOVE being pregnant for the most part but I want to make sure to dedicate alot of time to Rylen....he desereves it ya know?....I dont think I could do that stressing over a complicated pregnancy and such......Im happy waiting anyways , I dont think Rob would agree to another unless it was unplanned LOL....Im gonna prank him on April 1st and tell him in pregnant just to bug him LOL....I think he'd be happy but he'd freak at 1st....so mean "April Fools"....then watch me actually end up pregnant by accident and him not believe me LOL
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wow everything is going so well.... i am checking my messages and this site on the computer/internet at the hotel here in saginaw.  i have to drop my youngest(hunter) off around 1pm today to his grandma... and since i didnt want to be on the road driving at this time of the morning, we came down last night. it has been kinda fun, kids are enjoying the pool and such.

i am about 30 weeks now, doc said wednesday that all looks good, and that because of my age and such they will do a u/s at my next appt (in 2 weeks) which is fine with me cause it just means i can see my lil girl moving around again...lol.

anyhow i will keep you posted as often as possible but at the moment i have no internet, not even dial up..ugh

hugs and luv and can't wait to check in again.
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