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Hello my ladies, im feeling great today, thanks for making the switch!

So, tell me how everyone else is feeling???

Anything, how are the hubbies? The kids? The mother in law ANYTHING!! Tell me about your stuff, id love to hear =)

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*raises hand politely*

May I ask a question?  I thought the whole point of this community was so that you could have unlimited posts, pretty much on anything.  Why do you still have these giant sort of miscellaneous posts that get too large to follow?

Just wondering.  I see you are breaking them down into 1,2 and 3 etc etc...but why not just everyone make posts when they have something they want to share?  That way, you can find posts more easily.

*sits back down politely again*
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Hi Peekawho,
That's just the community's style.  :)  I think it is how all of us ladies best operate.  Feel free to become random with us!  :)  Welcome.

Hi Tianna!
My hubby is feeling great!  :)  We are moving May 19th into a brand new apartment that is cheaper than our 10 year old one and much bigger!!!!   I am so excited also!  
I told my M.I.L. about the misscarriage (after I told my own mom of course), and she was sad to hear it.  She said it was probley for the best, (trying to anticipate where my conversation was going) and said, "you are just not ready yet...?"  and I said, "I'm ready whenever it finally happens.  It was just better b/c the baby would have had a bunch of chromasomal abnormalities, and the body knows when something is very wrong."  I did not feel hurt at all by her questioning my motives for saying it was probley better for this particular baby to have not been, but I did wonder how she took my maturity level to be (I am almost 23-my mom was 21 when she started having me and my 3 older bros).  I guess I could be hurt by that, but I am choosing to just believe that she still doesn't know me well enough yet to think that (even though I know a baby is very hard work, and so is a relationship with an s/o after one comes along).  Hubby and I have only been married a little over six months, so I can somewhat understand.  

Love to all, and mega sticky baby dust!*************

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My family is great!  Me & my hubby are getting excited.  Trying not to get to excited.  Hoping this is our month!!  This should be our week.

Got great news about my Mom.  She is doing so much better.  Still in ICU, so we are by no means out of the woods, so please keep praying!

Baby Dust to All

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this IS our week!  I hope one of us ends up 'knocked up' this week/month!  :D  

I am praying for your mother J.  I hope you can rest in the sweet peace that only comes from trusting God.

Love to all!!
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What Katebud said is probably the best way to explain it lol.....Its our style haha! We all met on a msg board that had no individual post capabilities so we just got used to one big post about everything & anything and it worked for us!......We do break down into smaller posts if its something specific , but the days chaos and just everyday things , get posted in one big one and it seems to work for us :) Jump right in , its not as hard to keep up as it looks! lol

Katebud ~ Moving but me SO exciting! especially into a bigger place...How many bedrooms will it have?.....Kinda gives you a fresh start when TTC , keep in mind Krissy got pregnant when she moved :P hehe....I wanna move too! I hate my little apartment , Its in a not bad area but to get to the top floor where our apartment is there are 4 flights of stairs...and no elevator! YEAH! annoying lol......Good Luck with the move ! :)

Well , my Fiance is still at work until I pick him up on the night of the 19th , so im not too sure how hes doing lol.....We only have the ability to talk on msn right now until he enters an area with cell service , so it makes it a little hard & hes the type who hates talking about anything of importance on the computer , so if I have anything to tell him he just agree's and its annoying! lol.....But its been nice having my own space , sleeping until whenever I want & coming and going as I please.....I sure do miss him though!!......Its like losing your best friend and it sucks alot of the time , especially me , cause im a giant emotional wreck and I dont think he really understands why or how it feels to have NO control over why im crying lol......He'll learn im sure in the next few months , seeing as it seems to be getting worse! lol......My MIL , doesnt live here haha! They live back east , so I get the odd phone call from her & my FIL , but we really only talk when my Fiance is home , because he calls them daily......They are pretty busy generally anyways taking care of his sisters 2 boys , who are 2 & 3 so not much time to talk before they are fighting or ones getting into something.....They are excited about the baby though & cant wait until we come out there to visit in November........I talk to my own mom at least every 2 days , last night we went out for dinner with my little sister.....I love my mom! Our relationship has changed a bit since getting pregnant , I dont think her dream idea for me as to get knocked up at 21 lol....but she trusts me and she knows my Fiance & I are in love , and will do the best we can so its all working out great!.......I think thats really all thats new with me lol........counting down the days until the 19th! Cant wait! :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend....Lots of Baby Dust to those TTC!

***************************************** BABY DUST*************************
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hey kati,
Im glad you and your hubby are good =) Aww, still a little newlywed, feels great doesnt it? How exciting your new apartment! I like moving its so fun to get a new space to decorate with my sister, although she kinda hates curtain shopping i love it. And im sure we'll all be shopping at babies r us soon enough =) I understand it must be hard to be talked to about your m/c with even the smallest amount of insensitivity. I once had someone call them gross. I gave him such a tongue lashing eventhough i myself havent had one, i cant imagine the pain and dissapointment, I'm so sorry to hear about yours. By the way i dont think anyone is really ever "ready", you learn as you go is my philosophy =) Im sure you'd be a wonderful mother! Good luck =)

Good luck this month, baby dust to you! And a little excitment is alright, just dont obsess and try to stay positive =) baby dust!!!!

What does your fiance do? It must be so hard to be away for extended amounts of time =( I would hate that! I bet you miss him like crazy! Well thats good that you have your mom to talk to and support you =) im glad, i dont have a relationship with either of my parents, theyre drug addicts and i havent spoken to them in years and years. And as far as my in laws, they live about 10 miles away, but theyre deaf  so its a little difficult to communicate with them. I did learn sign language to speak to them but i dont see them much and they arent very nice people so neither of us really mind not seeing them for months at a time. Oh well, we have each other and that is all we need =) And i cant wait to have a family with him!

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I can understand with you when it comes to you and your mom's relationship changing a bit. I know with my twin boys I got pregnant just before I turned 19, yes its young to some people, but to me its all about when your ready, and I got married right after my 18th birthday which is on July 1st canada day!!
But anyways my parents were not shocked, but were kinda not happy, but as I started to show, and you could feel them move and what not my mom and dad started to be happy with it, and then my mom was in the delivery room with me, and it was great. But now she is the happiest grandma, still thinks she is too young, but loves to talk about them and buy them things. Haven't had to buy them clothes yet, mind you at my baby shower I had 21 people and got lots of clothes.
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The apartment is 1,234 square feet big, and it's set up like a small house!  you walk into the great room, and then there is a hallway that leads to the backside of the apartment, where the non-galley style kitchen is (I'm soo excited, I adore cooking and baking and it's bigger!!!!) it's an open kitchen, more of what you would see in a house.  And then there is a  breakfast bar and a dining room, with an over head light where a table should be centered, and a patio with sliding glass doors behind that.  Now backtrack to the great room when you first come in again.  If you go down the hall a couple feet then turn left, you lead off to a full guest bathroom, and two bedrooms.  The master bedroom is 10 feet x 11 feet (sorry about the non-metric here!), and the one we will use for a music room/library (and hopefully a nursery soonish) is 10 feet by 10 feet.  In the master bedroom, there is a nice shower,  a humongous counter top and huge mirror that could have 4 people doing make up in front of it at one time, one sink, and lots of cupboard space.  If you go back to the great room and go right, there is a very large laundry room! and a linen closet or something.  There is also a good sized coat closet as well.  
And this apartment is brand new, we can paint it any way we choose (as long as it goes back to white before we move) and it's cheaper than the smaller one we live in now!!!!  Man, that's a lot of info, I hope you guys can envision all this!  :)
thank you for that.  I needed to hear that, even though I already know in my heart that no one can ever be fully ready, especially with a new child staring them in the face.  :)  I've been hearing that a lot of places lately actually, which kind of makes me think my time is coming soon.  
Now comes a chant that I have stuck in my head...."BE aggressive, B-E aggressive, BE aggressive, B-E aggressive...."  anyone hear this cheerleader chant at their high school?  :P  Good luck ttc, and have peace in your heart that all things will work out the way they are supposed to, not necessarily how we think they are supposed to.

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hey kati,

Yea no problem, i just kinda say go with what you know you want and whats good for you. I can't stand it when people say you we aren't ready! Grrr. How would they know, oh well. im sorry, it just bugs me because i got that a lot. Anyway, well your apartment sounds amazing! Im pretty jealous, it sounds awesome have lots of fun decorating it! I know i would. And by the way, your chant made me laugh =) I randomly giggle and then five minutes later i cry, while at the computer (some of the stories i hear on here are so sad), my husbands really gonna start thinking i've gone off the deep end soon. haha, well how many rooms does your new place have?

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Tianna ~ My Fiance works for the Canadian Coast Guard , so he is gone for 4 weeks & home for 4 weeks....Its a good deal in the sense he gets 6 months off paid & we have full benefits & all that , plus he can retire in 25 years of service with them , with a full pention , He also builds up whats called "laydays" and "sick days" and can use them to take time off , so this year for instance , while a few of the boats were on re-fit he used his laydays and ended up only having to work for a total of 4 weeks from November until April.....He went away for a week for training ( paid training at that lol ) and then he did two seperate 2 week trips to fill in for someone who was sick.....So aside from the fact I miss him more than anything it does have its benefits to us & our family...........What does your Husband do for work?......Do you work as well or?.......Sorry to hear your not completely close to your family or inlaws.....makes it hard im sure! .......Sounds like you & your husband are content with having eachother & sometimes thats all you need! Its awesome you guys have eachother & im sure once you get pregnant your gonna have one lucky little baby!

Katebud ~ Your apartment sounds awesome! Im so jealous & the fact you can paint how you want is totaly cool!!......Thats my one wish is we could paint the babys room here , but they wont let us :(......I cant believe your rent is cheaper for the bigger place thats such an added bonus! Your kitchen sounds awesome too! gotta love lots of counter space to bake & stuff....Im so excited for you!!!......Your gonna have such fun making it your own :).......You know it is true I think , that your never fully ready......We thought we were , had lots of the big things bought & totaly wanted it more than life itself , but when you see that little + on the HPT , it all becomes so surreal....and im finding the closer I get to delivery the more I realize we have to do and the more I panick LOL.....Its horrible how the weeks seem to just fly by but the time to do everything goes even faster.....It all happens in good time , and im sure once you get settled into your new apartment and set your focus on that , it will happen , your mind & stress level are gonna be on something else for the first little while and thats gonna be a HUGE help I think for you in getting pregnant!........My fingers are crossed for you hun!!!!!

Jamie ~ Yeah I dont know what it is about my mom & I , were closer in a different way , we arent really close in the sense of the baby though , because she really wasnt happy about it at first , so its kinda hard to talk to her about alot of it , but shes come with me to ultrasounds & she will be in the delivery room ......I have a hard time talking about alot of things to do with my pregnancy with family because they all didnt expect it I guess.....No one is mad or anything , but I think they all had hopes I would have gone to college & been married first.....but they all know how much my fiance & I love eachother & that were doing everything we can possibly do to get ready for the baby so they are great about it..........I guess its just more so akward..........How were you with talking to your dad about pregnancy? or like your grandparents?.......I have no problems talking with friends or my fiance , just family.....Its so odd!.....Is your mom excited about the pregnancy this time??.

************************************ BABY DUST*********************************
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Aww thats so nice, yea i understand what you mean about missing him though. I miss my husband like craziness after a single day of not having him around! I'm so attached! haha, well I dont work right now, i havent in a long while. My husband (Sam) supports me and we get by just fine, i really thought our baby would come sooner so thats why i havent really been doing anything, i figured by now i would for sure be a full time mommy. Well, at least i have a ton of time to relax and read and do things for me, a stressful job probably wouldn't help much with ttc. I'm just trying to see the up side of this. Its a painful little reminder everytime anyone asks why i don't work, what am i going to say? "I was planning on being a stay at home but turns out im infertile" Yea no, ill pass on that. So i politely say im thinking about my options, or make something up, when really Im waiting on this baby to be my job =) Lets hope i get it soon, if i dont get pregnant on this fertilaid, i think i'll give it maybe 6 months, and if still nothing, i know i'll be crushed and i'll take a break from ttc for the first time in what will be 3 years by then. If indeed that happens (lets pray it doesnt) ill just get some part time job to keep busy, and start taking classes at the city college, maybe i'll be a teacher? I'd love to work with children.

So thats my plan, sorry it was a bit long. By the way, My husband is a tattoo artist. And no he doesnt have like full sleeves, or tattoos all over the place, his arent even visible, he has a portrait of me on his thigh! How cool right!

So thats that. =)

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Omg. I missed so much!! How is everyone's little ones doing?! Everything okay??

Everything is super here in Reno! My unemployment started - yay. Turns out my man doesnt want me to go back to work...but oye I'm bored at home!!

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You know for the first part of my pregnancy it was awkward, we actually stopped talking for a few months, and then one day something happened with their truck and needed help taking my mom and brother home, so we picked them up and everything seemed to be okay after that. My dad.... Well at first I would have to say he was worse then my mom, he acted like it was such a big mistake, asking me what I was going to do, and blah blah blah.... When my dad did this time I just wanted to cry, I felt very offended, I mean sure to A LOT of people I was and am young, but it was not a mistake. But, it was not easy talking to any one in my family about it, they all thought I wasn't capable of raising a baby. But, I was glad to have my in laws though, they were very supportive and excited!!!
But, to my families surprise when the boys were born they all loved them, and offered to take them on friday nights so I could get a good nights rest, and they all were so happy when they realized that yes I can take care of my kids, myself, and my husband, plus have a nice clean house.
Now this one, I don't know if she was excited, but it wasn't like it was last time. When I told her, I said your my mom and we are like best friends and I shouldn't have to be scared to tell you anything, and I may not have gone to college and I may have gotten married early, but I have proved that I am mature enough to have my boys, be a wife, and take care of myself and I just wanted her to be happy for me. I think at this point I don't care, I am just tired of feeling like I'm disappointing them all the time. But she is okay with it, and I think she will be once the baby comes, and like you its something I can't really talk to her about because she just doesn't seem too interested. My dad made the comment of how many kids do I plan to have, and my grandma is very excited for me this time around!!..
My husband comes from a big family of 12 kids, and 14 grand kids so far. So, I got my husband up to saying its okay if we have 4 kids, that is my minimum, my max is 6, I want a big family myself, and after having my baby boys I just can't believe how much you can actually love another human being.
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wow that is wonderful, youre so strong i, i know how difficult it is to have the ones you love be so unsupportive. Unfortunately i dont even have a relationship with my parents, theyve been divorced since before i can remember and i havent spoken to either in at least 2 years. So, i dont really have them telling me discouraging things at least! thats good. but anyway But im happy for you this time around it was a little more accepted. Good for you, i hope you have a wonderful happy pregnancy =) im sure everyone will love this baby as much as the last ones!
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Oh well thank you!!!...
Just I hate when people get so judgemental and try and tell me if I am ready to handle mother hood or not, I kinda thought I was the judge of that, and I am not saying people who are 12 and what not should have babies because they feel they can handle it, that is not what I'm saying. Just some people should learn to respect our choices and our decisions, especially our own families, instead of making us feel down for something we actually do want. I kinda thought that is what families were about.
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yea i completely agree with that, well put! i couldnt have said it better myself. I've been wanting this for so long, and other than my husband i have no one to vent to about my frustrations, and how i feel around babies. how i feel useless as a woman. and how extremely jealous i am of my pregnant women, especially ones my husband talks about. he has an ex co-worker and who is now around 7-8 months along and he ran into her somewhere and he carried the bread she bought for her to her car. BREAD. i asked him why and he said it doesnt seem like a pregnant woman should have to do anything for herself. im like, its BREAD! a loaf of bread weighs like nothing. It made me so sad, and jealous. I know he'll be so wonderful like that to me when im pregnant, but i cant stand thinking about him taking care of another woman, ESPECIALLY a pregnant one. tell me if im being crazy, but it mad eme cry so hard, i cant stand the thought. he would never do that if i was there, he knows how i feel when i see pregnant women, i stare and it brings me down and makes me so sad.

am i crazy and rediculous? im sorry if this sounds so dumb to you, but it just pains me to think about.
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sorry i havent been on in a while! i missed alot! but am wishing you all the best of luck! any new bfp's on here? i have my dr's appointment today to see why my cycles are so off! wish me luck ladies!
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Hi ladies!

To start, the new apartment I'm moving into has 2 bedrooms with walk in closets, 2 full baths, a kitchen and dining room, a living room, and a laundry room (not including any closets).   So I guess it would be 7 rooms or so.  

Luck to you, lynzieloo!  :D  I hope everything can be figured out soon!  

Tianna, I am sorry about all the emotional stuff you are dealing with.  To have that almost magnetic pull to babies and the strong desire to concieve and have offspring is so overwhelming!  I can totally understand how you would feel with your Hubby helping out other pregnant women/taking care of them.  It almost seems silly on his part to carry bread for another woman (prego and "helpless" as she may be), but I am totally not judging him. I have no doubt that he has great compassion for pregnant women, and that he will be absolutely amazing when you two concieve your first child!  :)  Especially since it will be you and his child in there, and mental health of a child is pretty much affected from the womb.  

I think Hubby and I will be able to concieve easier after all the moving details are taken care of and we are comfy in our new digs.  
My 23rd birthday is at the end of June, so I am hoping for my bfp in June as a birthday present!!!!!
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Well your new place sounds nice!! So good luck to you and your moving.
I know we moved in to our new place a month before the boys were born. It was tough, but we got help so it was good. We now live in a town house which is nice there is enough room. But now that we are adding a new baby its going to be a bit squishy. Hey my 21st birthday is at the end of June ha that is funny.

Yes, Tianna I am so sorry this is all very emotional for you, and I understand that your husband helping a lady who is pregnant carry out a loaf of bread it does sound silly, because pregnant women are not that helpless!! Especially when it comes to a loaf of bread, but like you said I am sure when you guys have your first child he will be just as helpful to you!! Oh and on a positive note you can think of it this way, at least he looks out for pregnant women, at least is caring in that way, I mean as hard as it is for you, that is a positive way to look at it

lynzieloo good luck to you!! Keep us updated..
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dr said all is well with me! she just gave some tips on ttc. so we will see.... i guess the birth control did throw my cycle out of whack, but she said 3-6 months it should be back on track, that is if i dont get pregnant before then! LOL =)
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Oh birth control threw you out of whack? I got pregnant a week right after getting off them. But, I guess everyone is different.
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Well thanks that makes  me feel better.  My husband really is one of the sweetest men on the planet. He takes care of me too, just not that extreme, oh well ill get over this, but thanks for making me feel not alone =)

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Hey everyone,

I wanted to come here for advice because I know some of you are expecting. The past 2 days have been up and down and the wait is killing me!! To recap: nipples are always sore  before af and they do not feel sore at all. My period was supposed to come on the 15th, on the 16th I had spotting, just a bit and one time it looked like a lot of fertile cm with a bit of blood. Today I have had mainly brown discharge....so I am 2 days late, but test said negative today and my temperature dropped below the coverline today. The only weird thing I have is a stomach ache after I eat, above the belly button....it just feels uncomfortable.....anyone out there had spotting and still neg test?
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Hi Tianna, Kati & all the other mommies & soon-to-be mommies! This is the first day in a couple days that I've been on the site. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


kimmy27468- you should wait a week after AF's due & do an HPT, or go to your DR & get a blood test. Personally with every pregnancy, I have never gotten a BFP till AFTER AF. One time it was 5 days after AF, and I got a BFP, after getting a BFN first. I can't even trust my own body! LOL Good luck to you!

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